World record holder Vitomir Maričić is truly an inspiration for all freedivers

It is the discipline that Vitomir Maričić put into his training away from the actual dive which he admires as much as anything.

Vitomir Maričić

Freediving is all about confidence. Confidence before, during, and after your dives are really important for your safety, relaxation, and also for a good dive in general. Vitomir Maričić, a multiple world record holder from Croatia, is an inspiration for all the young freedivers out there.

Vitomir has an incredible aerobic capacity and spend hours each day purely working on his breathing. Moreover, he also knows how to use his breath in relation to his performance.

The famous Croatian champion also aims to teach to his students the efficient and effective techniques to increase lung-volume and breath-hold-time. Moreover, the freediving pioneer Vitomir, who’s also the deepest man on earth alive, promises that “anyone can double triple their breath-hold time within a week of his training.”

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