ASHELENA RAGG–“The charming fitness model impels everyone to live a disciplined life”

Ashelena Ragg, is considered as one of the most successful female influencer based in California. Starting from humble beginnings as a hard-working women to blazing the ramps as a fitness model, then partnering with some of the biggest brands in the business, Ashelena truly has walked the path that many upcoming model aspires.

Ashelena Ragg Fitness Model

Ashelena also has disciplined eating habits to acquire a healthy and perfect lifestyle!

Ashelena Ragg
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How much and what types of exercises do you do?

“I do cardio at least 30-40 min a day and switch to weights. I love both very much but I would say Cardio is my favourite! Just listening to my music and having the best “me” time – ‘I love it’.”

What is your favourite healthy food? Explain why.

“I love salads because you can always add so many healthy things to them, and believe me I don’t make a boring salad.”

How has COVID changed your fitness routine?

“I just go run on the beach more and I love it so COVID changed it for the better. There are so many ways to do at least 20 min a day for yourself.”  

Naser Hasan: Emirati model shares more about his personal life

Dubai born Naser Hasan is a fashion icon, considered one of the industry’s top male models of all time. Over the years, he’s also ventured into bodybuilding, and has worked with different brands. The leading model has solidified his place as a fashion industry icon, thanks in part to his numerous RZIST campaigns

Naser Hasan rose to the top of his career as a fitness model in UAE. He has brought his body to a gleaming, muscular, Greek-statue, and a close-to-perfection nonpareil. Moreover, his name has also been mentioned in countless fitness magazines.

This Emirati game-changer ironically works tirelessly to grind the body machine to a halt.

Model Naser Hasan

Naser Hasan: Diet and Workout

Naser follows a balanced diet plan with counted calories and hard workout. He keeps his followers on Instagram and Snapchat updated through engaging stories.
I just want to keep my body in shape till I become 70. I workout with weights and do cardio sessions for a total of 1 hour and 30 minutes daily. 5 days (Monday-Friday) working out and 2 days recovery (Saturday & Sunday) depends on when it’s needed.

Know More About Naser Hasan

Naser Hasan, 29, is an Emirati model, who hails from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. At the start of his career, Naser found himself aligned with bodybuilding and had also won numerous medals as well. Possessing an instant spark, Naser has also worked with different brands and with only a short while modeling, he has appeared in different editorials.

Naser’s plans soon changed after he won numerous bodybuilding competitions and originally he is now on the pursuit to make modeling as his full-time career. This Emirati model has also been working with brands like Wawan Protein since last 2 years and RZIST since the beginning of 2020.

What sort of clothes do you wear?

I don’t stick to one kind of style, I create new fashion style and let others know about it through my Instagram posts.

What do you think about the competition in this industry?

I love to work in modeling industry, it brings the best of all my competitors and it improves the products and service that is provided in the industry. Moreover, the competition motivates me to stay ahead of my competitors.

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Being a reliable model is of utmost importance. How would you describe your work ethic?

My work ethic includes doing something that I like and being focused in that particular passion.

Would you consider yourself as a creative person?

Yes I consider myself as a creative person! I create plans, methods, fashion and style.


How do you deal in uncomfortable situations?

I follow the 3A (Asses, Analyse, Act) whenever I find myself in an uncomfortable situation.

Do you work well under pressure?

I’ve been always under pressure. Moreover, my expertise is with dealing with it till I overcome it.


Meet TurboJC: A Prolific Scale Model Collector

TurboJC AKA Jaichandran Jayapalan is a petrolhead and prolific scale model car collector from Chennai. Know more-

Who is TurboJC?

TurboJC AKA Jaichandran Jayapalan is a car blogger from Chennai. Here’s what he has to say:

I’ve been a petrolhead ever since I was seven years old. Moreover, I’m an automobile engineer by education, having completed both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the subject.

I’m an ardent quizzer, and have won numerous automotive quizzes during my college years and after. My crowning achievement has been my successful performance at Mahindra Auto Quotient (AQ), a televised national-level automotive quiz contest, which I won in 2010, and was the first runner-up in 2011 and 2016.

TurboJC Instagram

I’m a prolific scale model collector, and an amateur photographer as well. I’m putting together a curated collection of 1:64 and 1:43 cars, and 1:18 motorcycles, and I spend my spare time trying to capture my scale models from different perspectives. I started my Instagram profile @turbojc to share random clicks, but it is now more of a showcase for my scale model photography. I’m always for quality over quantity, so my posts are few and far in between. I’m constantly striving to up my game.

Quotes Written By TurboJC

Fight the good fight. Fight for what you need. Fight for what you want. Fight for your dreams. Fight fair, but fight hard. Because at the end, it will be worth it all. Fight. Fight the good fight.

Youth Drove a BMW In The Lockdown; This Was The Outcome

Owner of a BMW sedan from Chattisgarh was driving his BMW at night amidst the lockdown while going live on Facebook. Police tracked him and arrested him.

Contents of this post-

  • Lockdown overview
  • Who is this youngster that drove his BMW in night during the lockdown
  • Why was he arrested
  • What about the other states, How’re they being treated in the lockdown?

Lockdown Overview

The Covid-19 has turned the whole enjoyment into a quarantine moment. Moreover, India has been imposing the nationwide lockdown now for over a month and there might be a genuine reason for that. We need to flatten the curve of the spread of the pandemic, we can only do this through lockdown. Moreover, the violation of the lockdown rules can even get you arrested and here we have a perfect example of that.

A youth of New Shanti Nagar, Chattisgarh was arrested by the police after he broke the lockdown rules.

Who is this youngster that drove his BMW in night during the lockdown

This youngster named Abhinay Soni is from Chattisgarh. Not only was he driving a luxury car in the lockdown but he was also live streaming his joyride. He was most certainly arrested by the cops for such carelessness on Monday. Abhinay belongs to a wealthy family and he’s an architect by profession.

Even amidst the lockdown, he took his BMW out for a spin and went as far as 20 km away from his house, roaming around in the city and streaming. Not just this, he even stopped at a road-side eatery for a quick meal at Murshidabad. Along with this- Soni was live streaming all his activities via his facebook profile.

Why was he arrested?

Youth caught driving BMW in lockdown: Gets arrested
Image: CarBlogIndia

Being out on roads without any valid reason and his action of going live on Facebook somehow caught the attention of the cops. The police traced Abhinay and eventually arrested hum. As stated, people are only allowed to move outside of their homes for emergency purposes or for procuring necessary items in the lockdown. No one is allowed to go out of their homes without a valid reason or you might have to face heavy penalties. The authorities are taking various measures to stop the vehicular and unnecessary movements of the fellow citizens.

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This is not the first time where the cops have taken a drastic step against the rule breakers. In various states, the police have seized thousands of vehicles from people who were out without proper protection and valid reason.

These vehicles will only be returned after the lockdown gets over. In many cases, the cops are also imposing big fines on the offenders. Getting arrested and taken to jail will be the worst outcome of such irresponsible behavior.

What about the other states, How’re they being treated in the lockdown

In Maharashtra, a few people were arrested after they live-streamed their activities on Facebook. Such activities not only encourage more people to come out of their homes, but also breaks the purpose of the lockdown.

We know that it’s a great pleasure in riding luxury cars and traveling outside. But it’s for your own safety!

We request everyone to stay at home and abide the rules that have been laid down by the authorities. Even after the lockdown lifts, practicing social distancing will be the best way to stay healthy and keep from getting infected from various infections. Its certainly difficult but its the only way to overcome the situation.

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Learn More About The Growing Supercar Blogger of Kerala: KR Narayanan

K R Narayanan- also called as Krn_Speed is an automotive blogger from Kerala. He likes posting new content related to cars everyday. Know more-

Who is K R Narayanan (Krn_Speed)?

K R Narayanan aka @krn_speed is an 18 years old automotive blogger from Kerala, India. He belongs to a middle class family and the surprising thing is that none of his family members have genuine passion for cars.

K R Narayanan always wondered how did he land up in this field. Here’s what K R Narayanan has to say about this-

“Literally none of my family members are supportive to me and I have struggled my way to reach where I am today. My mother is the only person who encourages me to thrive and succeed in my passion. I completed my schooling from Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan, Kozhikode.

Believe it or not I chose the Commerce stream and not Science. After finishing my 12th, I enrolled my way into the world of Chartered Accountancy as I applied for the CA Foundation exam. Sadly, I wasn’t unable to crack it. So I think that’s pretty much my story as of now personally. My fetish for cars started since I was very young, probably when I was around 6-7 years old. I saw my first supercar when I was 10 and it was a white Lamborghini Gallardo. That sight boosted my love for cars even further. I still remember the days when I was crazy about collecting Hot Wheels. I still have about 100 of them in my collection. Basically cars are something that I respect and care as much as I care about my mother. In one word I can’t live without them.

K R Narayanan- Car Blogger

What does K R Narayanan has to say about his passion?

I started my Instagram page back in December 2016 with the sole intention of sharing my passion with the world. 3 years later, here I’m with more than 10,400 Followers and counting. My page is unique because of the detailed captions I provide under each post. So I highly recommend to take a look at my page if you need to know anything about exotics and I also do paid promotions now. So if I do all of these now, I have fought my way to be where I’m today and I love every single part of my struggling journey. I spend everyday learning about cars and thinking about how I can improve and diversify my platforms. If I can do it, you can do it as well. Anyone of you can contact me anytime for career based advices and guidelines. I’ll be happy to help you out. I think that’s pretty much my biography in a nutshell.”– Krn_speed

K R Narayanan- Car Images

How does K R Narayanan spends most of his time everyday?

I wake up by 5:00-5:30 AM and start my day with a hot cup of coffee. After that, I go for a morning walk to charge up my mind and body to hustle for the rest of the day. After the walk session, I take a nice bath and start my work. The first thing I do is poke through Instagram and check out the updates, read about all of them and picking out all the things that I need to post on my page. After that I start writing my articles assigned to me and spend some time building my other projects. In the evening I spend some time for myself by watching TV or going for a short walk or reading. I go to bed by 10:30 PM after a full day of hustle and ready for the next day to perform the same.”- Krn_Speed

K R Narayanan Instagram- Krn-Speed

K R Narayanan's future plans-

I have lot of interesting things planned for my automotive future. I’m currently in the middle of building a professional website so that I can post my updates and content on a website in a professional way. I’m also planning to launch something on my Instagram, which will help me form a more deeper connection with you guys. I’ll be posting more about these on my Instagram handle @krn_speed, so stay tuned and follow for updates.

Quote written by K R Narayanan-

"An empire is not created in the blink of an eye or overnight. It’s created by years of hardwork and endless determination. So always wait for the right moment for creating what you dreamt of. In short, strike when the steel is hot."
K R Narayanan