Omar Al Ashi’s Startup ‘Urent’ Is Growing YoY Successfully

The potential of peer-to-peer vehicle sharing platform is a no-brainer and Omar Al Ashi’s Urent spotted the opportunity before most in UAE.

Omar Al Ashi Urent

So far, it’s been mostly clear blue skies for Omar Al Ashi, founder of peer-to-peer vehicle sharing platform Urent. His three-year-old startup is growing year-on-year and investors have been queuing up too.

Urent redefines mobility in the tech space, while enabling a platform that will help traditional vehicle rental companies shift their entire business online. Moreover, the hosts on Urent will be able to list their fleet (Cars, Yachts, Jetskis, Atv’s, Motorcycles, just to name a few) while having multiple in-app features (i.e My Garage, in-app wallets, and rating systems) & have their fleet listed to Renters who wish to rent their fleet on the platform.

Apart from this, Omar and his start-up has also been featured in many different magazines and news portals.

Omar, however, is sure that as long Urent continues to be a value player, it will emerge a winner. Mostly, though, Omar reminds us that he is a “very impatient, angry young man” who is ready to take on the world.

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