Logan to Floyd: “It was a huge entertainment”

YouTuber and Professional boxer Logan Paul survived eight rounds against Floyd Money Mayweather, one of the best boxers of all time. In the end, “it was a huge entertainment”. Says who?

Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul.

Sunday’s pay-per-view MayweatherPromotions sponsored boxing event had a little bit of everything and lived up to its managed expectations billing as a moneymaking spectacle which felt indulging to the general public rather than a serious contest between ;COMPETITOR’ Logan Paul and the ‘ULTIMATE CHAMPION’ Floyd Mayweather.

Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul spoke of how they wanted to entertain those that watched. Mayweather, 44, entered the ring against a physically taller man – Paul, 26, weighed in 34½ pounds heavier and stood 6 inches taller than Floyd. But Paul, who garnered his fame through social media, had lost the only professional fight that he participated in. However, Mayweather had won all 50 of his.

The experience gap has led many people viewers to believe that Mayweather would knock Logan Paul out. However, logan Paul constantly deadlocked his frame onto Mayweather throughout the eight rounds of fighting. Moreover, Floyd Mayweather landed shots and dragged down Paul without utilizing much energy. No winner was announced because there were no judges in this special event.

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