ASHELENA RAGG–“The charming fitness model impels everyone to live a disciplined life”

Ashelena Ragg, is considered as one of the most successful female influencer based in California. Starting from humble beginnings as a hard-working women to blazing the ramps as a fitness model, then partnering with some of the biggest brands in the business, Ashelena truly has walked the path that many upcoming model aspires.

Ashelena Ragg Fitness Model

Ashelena also has disciplined eating habits to acquire a healthy and perfect lifestyle!

Ashelena Ragg
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How much and what types of exercises do you do?

“I do cardio at least 30-40 min a day and switch to weights. I love both very much but I would say Cardio is my favourite! Just listening to my music and having the best “me” time – ‘I love it’.”

What is your favourite healthy food? Explain why.

“I love salads because you can always add so many healthy things to them, and believe me I don’t make a boring salad.”

How has COVID changed your fitness routine?

“I just go run on the beach more and I love it so COVID changed it for the better. There are so many ways to do at least 20 min a day for yourself.”  


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