Here’s What You Need To Know About Ashelena Ragg

As the social media industry is growing, the designers, influencers and models are flocking to California, which is fast making its mark on the industry.

Fashion with a conscience is a priority for a lot of brands in California. Moreover, California itself has this identity because many new fitness models are the melting pots in the United States. One such example of a growing fitness model is Ashelena Ragg, a sensation in the States.

Who is Ashelena Ragg?

Ashelena Ragg is considered as one of the most successful fitness model based out of California. She loves to share her moments on her Instagram profile where she has around 24k followers.

Starting from humble beginnings as a hard-working women to blazing the ramps as a fitness model, then working with some of the biggest brands in the business, Ashelena truly has walked the path that every upcoming model aspires.

“My skincare routine is minimal but very attentive. Moreover, it actually doesn’t differ much from my routine. I wake up every morning, cleanse my skin, tone my skin, apply moisturizer, SPF, and eye cream and go out.” – Ashelena Ragg.

Being a reliable model is of utmost importance. How would you

describe your work ethic?

I am very passionate, hard-working, team player, motivated, self-starter, responsible, dedicated, always have a positive attitude, always strive for the best. Moreover, I have a huge drive to be the best in where I am right now. I was told to give everything to the best of your ability or don’t do it at all.

Would you consider yourself as a creative person?

Yes I do consider myself as a creative person because I love going over and above whatever is asked from me. Being creative makes you set apart and different, that’s why I love creativity. 

How do you deal in uncomfortable situations?

I make the best out of things in any situation even if they are uncomfortable! I feel that bringing the good energy and positivity can make any situation better. 

Do you work well under pressure?

I actually work well under pressure because I love challenges and challenging situations bring it on. Moreover, I am not afraid of anything life brings to me.
“God will never give you anything too big that you can’t handle. Go get what you want out of life it’s your path and kill it.”


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