Meet Sanskar Daryani: Owner Of India’s Most Expensive Garage With The Same Digits On Registration Plate – ‘0001’

Originally a car influencer, reviewer and enthusiast, Sanskar Daryani has now ventured into showcasing his fashion and style skills on social media.

Sanskar Daryani Featured

Over the recent years, fashion and style blogging have found a new section of audience on social media. It consists of people who want to regularly keep track of the different and ever evolving fashion senses and vibes of social media personalities. An emerging name in the style blogging field of India is that of ‘Sanskar Daryani’, who belongs to the city of Indore in Madhya Pradesh.

Who is Sanskar Daryani?

Originally a car influencer, reviewer and enthusiast, Sanskar Daryani has now ventured into showcasing his fashion and style skills on social media.

Since a lot of time, Sanskar has been involved in adding value to the large car community of India. He has a bunch of super luxury cars to himself and regularly puts out content related to them.

Sanskar’s Garage & His Intense Inclination Towards Cars

Sanskar Daryani owns the most expensive garage in India with numerous super luxury and sports cars having the same digits on their registration plates. This is a collection of cars of the likes of Porsche and Lamborghini.

Sanskar Daryani's Cars

Through his passion and intense inclination towards cars and the speed they offer, Sanskar Daryani has efficiently made a concoction of passion and profession. He works towards curating content that is informative and entertaining at the same time. He says, “A lot of effort goes behind shooting the most creative and artistically pleasing pictures and videos of the cars that I own. I aim for quality and make sure that what is served to the audience is exactly what they wish to consume.”

Venturing into fashion and style related content was not exactly an intensely thought-out decision but was more of an experiment which seems to have succeeded. When Sanskar Daryani received a lot of fame and recognition for his content on car pictures, videos and reviews, he figured out that his audience is into luxury and style. That’s when he started lifestyle and fashion blogging and it took off.

Not only that, but Sanskar is also involved in regularly pushing and motivating his audience to do better in every sphere of life. He uses spaces of Instagram stories, highlights and captions to put out his thoughts on ideas of positivity, faith and self improvement.

According to him, a forward looking and positive mindset takes people very far in life and this is exactly the mantra in which he wants his fans to believe in. He says, “Positivity has helped me deal with a lot of situations in life. Having such a big platform, I would definitely want to create an impact. And I do that by putting out content which is uplifting in nature.” 

Sanskar Daryani has a huge following across social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. His viewers absolutely adore how connected Sanskar is with them. Having aced cars, speed, style and fashion, Sanskar Daryani has become one of the most popular social media influencers with a variety of luxurious and stylish content to offer.

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