Naser Hasan: Emirati model shares more about his personal life

Model Naser

Dubai born Naser Hasan is a fashion icon, considered one of the industry’s top male models of all time. Over the years, he’s also ventured into bodybuilding, and has worked with different brands. The leading model has solidified his place as a fashion industry icon, thanks in part to his numerous RZIST campaigns.

Naser Hasan rose to the top of his career as a fitness model in UAE. He has brought his body to a gleaming, muscular, Greek-statue, and a close-to-perfection nonpareil. Moreover, his name has also been mentioned in countless fitness magazines. This Emirati game-changer ironically works tirelessly to grind the body machine to a halt.

Model Naser Hasan

Naser Hasan: Diet and Workout

Naser follows a balanced diet plan with counted calories and hard workout. He keeps his followers on Instagram and Snapchat updated through engaging stories.
I just want to keep my body in shape till I become 70. I workout with weights and do cardio sessions for a total of 1 hour and 30 minutes daily. 5 days (Monday-Friday) working out and 2 days recovery (Saturday & Sunday) depends on when it’s needed.

Know More About Naser Hasan

Naser Hasan, 29, is an Emirati model, who hails from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. At the start of his career, Naser found himself aligned with bodybuilding and had also won numerous medals as well. Possessing an instant spark, Naser has also worked with different brands and with only a short while modeling, he has appeared in different editorials.

Naser’s plans soon changed after he won numerous bodybuilding competitions and originally he is now on the pursuit to make modeling as his full-time career. This Emirati model has also been working with brands like Wawan Protein since last 2 years and RZIST since the beginning of 2020.

What sort of clothes do you wear?

I don’t stick to one kind of style, I create new fashion style and let others know about it through my Instagram posts.

What do you think about the competition in this industry?

I love to work in modeling industry, it brings the best of all my competitors and it improves the products and service that is provided in the industry. Moreover, the competition motivates me to stay ahead of my competitors.


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Being a reliable model is of utmost importance. How would you describe your work ethic?

My work ethic includes doing something that I like and being focused in that particular passion.

Would you consider yourself as a creative person?

Yes I consider myself as a creative person! I create plans, methods, fashion and style.


How do you deal in uncomfortable situations?

I follow the 3A (Assess, Analyse, Act) whenever I find myself in an uncomfortable situation.

Do you work well under pressure?

I’ve been always under pressure. Moreover, my expertise is with dealing with it till I overcome it.