Who is Samar Khan (Metro Doodle)?

Who is Samar Khan?-Metro Doodle

Samar is a very simple, motivated Delhi lad, who has a day job. Moreover, he’s a software developer who works in Noida. He loves to create doodles in a metro and usually prefers public transportation over private transportation. Hence, named as ‘Metro-Doodle’.

Well, what sets Samar apart is probably his creative vision with design sensibilities and an amazing doodling talent.

What is 'Metro Doodle'?

Doodles in Metro- Metro Doodle

Samar runs a social media handle which goes by the name of ‘Metro Doodle’ which he’d started out in 2016. His page has a full-fledged collection of his colossal talent. Moreover, it has garnered a huge number of followers in a short span of time.  He sketches and doodles on pictures taken at Delhi metro and draws interesting doodles. Something we’ve never seen before.

What does Samar say about his passion?

My work is all around these extra-terrestrial creatures and monsters. The reason for that is that I have grown watching and reading many stuff- comics which really motivates me. Also, when I draw these monsters, it gives me a lot more creative freedom when it comes to creating stories around those pictures.

There isn’t any particular way to tell about my doodles. Sometimes I get an idea of what I want to draw. So, I am on a lookout for capturing the suitable picture or scenario to happen, again it depends. Otherwise, the photographs inspire an idea. But one thing which is common is that I try to draw things which my followers might enjoy. Moreover, drawing for my social media handles has definitely helped me improve over my skill too, eventually.

Here's what you might need to learn from Samar-

Firstly, no matter what type of content you make, you need to find a way to make your content look original, charming and presentable. Or you can try doing things creatively and differently from other content creators of your niche. It’ll give you an identity. Secondly, just keep creating and be consistent.

Growth on social media takes time. But if your content is good, your time will come. Sooner or later!

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