Meet This Hotelier Who Made His Fame on Social Media: Elias Saad

Taking risks has helped Elias create the life he once dreamed of, and he plans to continue taking calculated risks and has big business plans for the future.

Meet This Hotelier Who Made His Fame on Social Media: Elias Saad

While most people are afraid to go out of their havens to pursue their dreams, there are some individuals who do not hesitate to take risks and attempt to go the extra mile to reach their goals. Elias Saad is one of those very few people who has sacrificed quite a bit to reach financial and personal success. Through his extravagant efforts, he has successfully leveraged social media to build an empire as a renowned internet personality.

Elias is a passionate hotelier who has an implacable desire to become a trendsetter in the industry by always raising the bar in whatever he does. His 23 years of experience is a great asset to the industry in United Arab Emirates as he has given many important millstones to the industry. Furthermore, his passion and dedication in business development using novel and unique methods and new techniques to improve the Food & Beverage industry standards without confining to traditional approaches is worthy of recognition at a national level where it could set an example for many budding Food & Beverage professionals to think out of the box when it comes to empowering the fellow colleagues in order to set positive trends which everyone will benefit from.

Furthermore, his highly encouraged entrepreneurial skills has also been featured in many different international news publications, which is a huge achievement in itself.

Moreover, he encourages everyone with a passion for something to take risks, chase their dreams, become the best version of themselves, and live the life of their dreams.

He had become one of the best-known and most influential personalities in the UAE by 2023, having over 90k followers on Instagram, and as one of the most popular hoteliers.

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