Jibber with Jaber x MR ICE: Creating an episode while relaxing in an Ice-loaded tub

Jaber’s vision and understanding of podcasts is very striking unlike all other podcasters.

Jibber with Jaber x MR Ice

In today’s podcasting influences, only uniqueness matters. It’s very prominent in the podcasting industry. Your favorite podcaster that moved your soul and inspired you to find your passion may not be on the list to win a Grammy. Joe Rogan who is a globally recognized household name in the podcasting industry shared the same sentiments during an interview. Although podcasts have a well-defined status quo in both the visual and performing arts category.

Dubai based podcaster ‘Ahmad Jaber’, host of the podcast show ‘Jibber with Jaber’ is redefining that status quo by creating podcasts that are more centered around pure projection of emotions, vulnerability, honesty, and love for the entertainment. For Ahmad Jaber, podcast is an intention of pure bliss and ecstasy of oneself. Sharing a moment, a feeling, an understanding with the one who’s being interviewed in his podcast. Because for him, creating a podcast episode is a means to disconnect from the word and never about gaining fame or popularity.

Recently Jaber created an episode with MR.ICE while sitting in a tub loaded with cold ice. Sitting in 2° ice for 1 hour! And for Jaber, he felt like he’s chilling in a beach!

Ahmad Jaber mentioned “So interesting what the human body can overcome when the person is in control of their mind.”

There’s no doubt that there are a lot of great podcasters who are making their way to headlines right now. However, Jaber’s vision and understanding of podcasts is very striking unlike all other podcasters. This characteristic and persona exudes in all of his creations that drew people to him and will draw a lot more. The rising podcaster has published a lot more episodes on YouTube and Spotify. He still has unfinished projects.

He has been cooking up quite a lot of new episodes that evokes and transpires to millions of people. He strongly believes in comfort out of the uncomfortable. However, for now the podcaster is fully satisfied with what his collaboration with different people means to him.

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