Chef Mohamad Chabchoul

For the longest time, the Middle Eastern food has been considered as delicious, yet comfort food—something that you just order in. It also became synonymous to the global audience by smoking sheesha’s and drinking. However, we really wanted to break this perception that people have about the limitations of Middle Eastern cuisine and showcase its potential to the world. Dubai, being such a metropolitan city, with people from around the world, was a perfect start to this journey created by a Lebanese Chef Consultant Mohamad Chabchoul.

Mohamad Chabchoul is a true inspiration for other young chefs

Chef Mohamad Chabchoul is a chef consultant from Lebanon who is known to have magical hands in terms of cooking delicious Italian food. Furthermore, he is famous for working in 5-star hotels as an executive chef along with many other international dishes and has an experience of more than 17 years.

As a brilliant human, Chef Mohamad Chabchoul was always intrigued with the different types of mediterranian aromas that would whift out while her mother used to cook food for him. Soon, curiosity got the better of him and his mother became his first instructor while he was in 6th grade. After gaining enough experience in Lebanon, he wanted to learn more about what other countries has to offer. Soon after that he had moved to Dubai in 2007 to learn more about what this Metropolitan city has to offer.

“My enthusiasm is somewhat the same as before, but even stronger than before because I waste very less time. Moreover, I’m going faster and my perspective is sharper, and also more precise. Being a professional is to accept the constraints. However, I am pushed by my teams and my clients. We have to live up to what they actually expect, so you can say it’s a daily challenge for me, and that forces me to work a lot and to not cheat anyone in life.”

Looking at the history of the Chef Mohamad Chabchoul, one can predict that he will become one of the best chefs in the world one day.

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