If it comes to entrepreneurship, Ismail Fouad Kassem takes it all

Meet Ismail Fouad Kassem: A man who is on a Mission to Create the Biggest Arabic Speaking life support Platform

Ismael Fouad Kassem

We have seen and heard of many bright minds in this world who are revolutionising the business world with their innovative and distinct approach which makes them a breed apart from others. Moreover, these talented individuals have put in their best efforts to come out with innovative strategies and successful ideas which have proved to be a boon for their respective industries where they have worked in. He is Ismail Fouad Kassem who is today one of the top Egyptian entrepreneurs who is known for his work across different continents.

Ismail Fouad Kassem, 41, is an entrepreneur and author from Giza, Egypt. He holds a degree in MBA, and an AUC graduate with degrees in Political Science and Psychology. He is also a certified practitioner in NLP, Time Line therapy, Hypnosis; and is also a Reiki Healer.

What makes Ismail different from his counterparts is that he doesn’t just focus on collecting only results. But he lays his focus on also collecting emotions. In simple words, it means that Ismail releases his ideas in the market after considering the requirements of the society.

Ismail is truly an inspiration for all those people who want to pursue their careers in the entrepreneur world. Moreover, his entrepreneurial journey contains a lot of positive things that every budding entrepreneur should learn to excel in their career.

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