Who's the owner of DubaiBikerBoys?

Hisham owner of dubaibikerboys instagram

Everyone of you might be interested in knowing about the name of the legend who started it all.

DubaiBikerBoys was created by Hisham. Moreover, Hisham does not need to explain much about his life. He just says-

"Bikes or Nothing"

When was DubaiBikerBoys created?

Hisham started theDubaiBikerBoys in 2015. However, just because the group he used to ride with became too lazy, unresponsive and weren’t riding much. Moreover, he used to see a lot of other riders riding solo as well! So he just started his page and started uploading pictures and videos of his rides.

In the initial weeks, many people started messaging him to join the group and that’s how the club and his page started growing.


What does Hisham says about his Collaborations?

DubaiBikerBoys Instagram

Hisham has done collaborations with mostly all of the bike manufacturers such as Ducati, BMW, Kawasaki, etc.

What can we expect from DubaiBikerBoys in Future?

Hisham is not too sure about the future as of now.

“I’m not so sure about the future as of now. Moreover, I believe that I’ve reached the max I could with an unofficial/unregistered club. However, I guess the next step for the club would be to have it registered officially and have sponsors and events for the members.

Who knows what entails for us tomorrow.” says, Hisham.

DubaiBikerBoys Quotes

“drop a gear and disappear"
“keep rubber-side down”