Instagram Bloggers; Weedo.Dubai AKA Husam Alkhatib

Weedo AKA Husam is a popular Instagrammer and loves to manage events. He’s also interested in cars and marketing. Know more about Weedo here-

Who is Weedo?

Weedo.Dubai Cars

Weedo AKA Husam Alkhatib is a 30 yr old palestinian man who was born and raised in the city of Dubai. Weedo had been into Banking since the age of 21, at 25, he left it all and started working with DJ Bliss.

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weedo in dubai

What Weedo has to say about DJ. Bliss?

"I started doing what I'd really loved and had passion for. Moreover, there is only one man to thank for that which is DJ BLISS. Thanks to Bliss because of which I'm now an Event and Marketing manager & Social Media Expert."
Weedo in Dubai
Weedo AKA Husam Alkhatib
Instagram Blogger

Quotes by Weedo-

Weedo in Dubai
"Just go for your passion"

Weedo loves to organize night and day time events. Moreover, Weedo also loves to get connected with local and international Artists and Influencers too.

What Weedo says about RichEndTech.

“RichEndTech is the best place for finding latest car reviews and celebrities reviews.” Says, Weedo.

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