Steve's POV white White Ferrari

Steve is an Instagram car blogger and YouTube vlogger who has spent many years in doing Automotive business in Japan and America. Know more about Steve’s POV here.

Know More About Steve's POV

Steve's POV Ferrari

Steve’s POV AKA Steve Feldman is a 49 years old businessman from NY, but now living in LA. Moreover, Steve is a bilingual YouTuber who speaks both English and Japanese and has spent many years doing business in Japan and America with a variety of companies but mainly related to Automotive.

What does Steve say about his Passion?-

“I love cars of all kinds and have collected several right hand drive JDM cars as well as a wide body Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 in America. I enjoy cars, culture and cuisine (food) too and do many videos about all of those topics.”

Steve's POV Minivan

How does Steve spends most of his Time?

Steve spend most his days selling Real Estate- that is his day job. Moreover, Steve also does DIY projects on his cars and also loves to connect with his fans.

What does Steve has to say about his Future Plans-

My future plan is to keep doing what I am doing would love grow my channel as much as I can. Moreover, the Japanese industries and government bodies make contract with me to make videos about their local areas, their business, their food and culture in English. However, this is done to appeal to promote their business.

Quotes written by Steve's POV-

"Stay Positive"
" Take Small Steps Forward Daily"
"Thumbs Up!"

Steve’s Instagram Page: @stevespov