Who is Rachit Hirani?

Rachit Hirani is an Indian entrepreneur who started off dreaming about cars and was offered a job as an automobile journalist in the online space, which was just born back in 2008. Since then he’s been a learner in this genre. Rachit began Motoroctane in 2015, with the focus on YouTube shifting in 2017.

Rachit Hirani with Mustang GT

Future plans of Rachit Hirani?

Now the team is expanding and we are adding more members to our team on a daily basis. My future plan is to enhance my team’s capabilities to the next level, possibly things that aren’t even a part of it.” says Rachit.

Quote written by Rachit Hirani-

Rachit Hirani- Mercedes Benz
"Impossible is Nothing"
Rachit Hirani with Mustang GT
Rachit Hirani
Founder- Motoroctane

Instagram: Rachit.Hirani