Netherlands’ Based 50mm Models Agency By Marvin Is Growing Rapidly

Building his network, and finding positivity in failures has quite been a journey full of valuable lessons for Marvin; founder of 50mm Models Agency.

Marvin Ihiobun Asoro 50mm Models Agency

No inspiring model got to where they are without a willingness to work hard and their dedication. The sheer mettle and valor required to go ‘all-in’ into what you believe in is a success in itself. Marvin Ihiobun Asoro is one of those brave business leaders.

Marvin created the 50mm Models Agency after personally being a model for some time in his life. 50mm Models Agency has made a name for itself in the entertainment industry as well as the fashion-showbiz realm in Netherlands. Now, it has become a business name that everyone wants to work with due to it’s excellent track record of fulfilling their clients’ needs.

Furthermore, this Netherlands’ based 50mm Models Agency is growing rapidly in the country.

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