Nabil Djabbari & Secret Circle Concierge: Overview

Nabil Djabbari Featured

Who is Nabil Djabbari?

Nabil Djabbari SCC
Nabil Djabbari (On the left)

Nabil Djabbari is a German entrepreneur who has spent many years roaming the globe and has consequently achieved a colorful and eclectic travel resume that includes semesters of studying Hotel Management at the Famous Hotel University located in Heidelberg. Moreover, he has an experience of 15 years in hospitality sector and has worked in n number of cities like Hamburg, Munich, London, LA, Dubai, etc.

What is Secret Circle Concierge?

Secret Circle Concierge (SCC) is one of the top most iconic lifestyle concierge companies based in Dubai founded in September 2017. SCC provides super-luxury services and plan holidays mainly in Dubai, and also other famous destinations.

Moreover, they offer an extensive and exclusive range of lifestyle experience available 24/7. They also have a superb relationship with a lot of well-known celebs and athletes. SCC is always available whether it is a last-minute restaurant booking or a beach club visit, nightl club experience, luxury car and chauffeur services, or even your own private event in the biggest hotel of Dubai.

Secret Circle Concierge is one of those extraordinary companies that manages to grow its owner’s personality and outlook along with its refined services.

What does Nabil has to say about his passion?

Nabil Djabbari
“I’ve always been a workaholic and have been working all of my life in hospitality sector. Also I’ve experienced a lot over the last 15 years and now I know what real luxury life looks like and what different people love.”
Nabil Djabbari
CEO @SecretCircleConcierge