Meet Neda DeBiase: An Elegant Fashion Model Ruling The Modeling Industry

Neda Debiase Featured

Who is Neda DeBiase?

Neda DeBiase is a prominent fashion model who has impactfully made a strong presence is the modeling industry. Moreover, the glamour world has great stories of endeavor. With people showcasing their charisma and exoticism, the glamour industry has been a proficient platform for the deserving. An untold number of people exhibiting their talent, and amongst all of them – only a few are able to leave the mark.

Neda Debiase- Fashionista

The Journey of Fabulous Fashionista- Neda DeBiase

Pursuing a medical profession that she was excessively involved with, Neda had also stepped into the acting and modeling niche in her early 20s. Having a proclivity towards the glamour industry, Neda was also determined to excel and own the stage to her self. Passionate about the fashion industry, she procured numerous achievements overtime. Endeavoring and putting every ounce of energy to pursue her dreams, Neda joined modeling & acting school and did her training at Jo Anderson Model & Talent, in NJ. She had also enrolled in make-up school at L studio Make-overs, attaining the mastery as a Make up Artist.

Having the strong aura of an outgoing, vibrant, bold woman; she has had assorted all sorts of achievements. Moreover,  Neda is corroborated through her alliances. Established in Philadelphia, she also holds the title for Mrs. Philadelphia US Nation 2020, US Nation pageant, Fashion Model, Photographer, Makeup Artist & a hardworking Mother. She has perfectly exhibited the mixture of varying aspects of life with an earnest command over them. 

Neda's Role In The Fashion Industry

Neda has modeled for many big brands, and she has also participated in fashion shows and has been featured in hospital commercials, modeling ads, few TV shows & was a part of different ‘Fashion Weeks’ in PA & NYC.

She has also made some appearances in small roles in the TV industry such as Blue bloods, Smash, Makeup commercials, etc.

She has illustriously depicted how ardent and hardworking she is.

Neda wants to be exemplary and convey to the world that hard work can get you to procure greater heights and targets. She wants people to hold on to positive thoughts about their appearances and beliefs.