Influential fashion influencer Rosie Abou Nassar reflects on her rise to fame

Her passion and dedication in the fashion industry has led her to become one of the most admired fashion influencers in Paris.

Influential fashion influencer Rosie Abou Nassar reflects on her rise to fame

Paris based ‘Lebanese’ fashion influencer Rosie Abou Nassar has recently become very popular in the fashion industry. She has inspired hundreds of thousands of fashion enthusiasts with the help of her social media accounts.

Rosie is regarded as one of the best fashion influencers in Paris, she has been challenging the status quo since she first joined Instagram. However, she didn’t know that her choice would send seismic waves through her own life, and then extend beyond her personal parameters to touch the lives of hundreds of thousands of people on Instagram.

Influential fashion influencer Rosie Abou Nassar reflects on her rise to fame

Apart from the fashion industry’s snail pace, inclusivity has picked up steam since women like Rosie and several other big brands have become vocal advocates for the movement.

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A life brimming with discipline is one that soars above the skies. Rosie Abou Nassar leads a life that is quite influential, inspiring many to trace her footsteps. The Lebanese fashion-influencer has been ever dominating the fashion world, representing a plethora of brands and gaining prominence.

Her bold gestures and striking looks have taken her a long way. The elegance she possesses has often been the stage of attention. With a massive fanbase on her Instagram handle, the ever dominant beauty has been steering the lifestyle and mannerism of her followers. Recently, Rosie has unfurled her further agendas, making it into the news plots again. But determined more than ever, she is also geared up to ace the influencer world as well.

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Rosie has showcased her illustriousness in this domain as well and has proven herself to be very highly active with her social media activities.

Procuring unstoppable appreciation, Rosie Abou Nassar’s strategical and tactical know-how is being greatly admired. She has also promoted many brands through her socials and analysed the grasp and deduced the benefit she could contribute through her able potential. Consequently, she acquired a viewpoint in the core team.

We wish Rosie ‘good luck’ for her future.

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