How Xenia Karamanou used her fostered resilience to create her own fortune in real estate industry

Real estate broker Xenia Karamanou looks forward to setting up her new base in Istanbul, Turkey.

How Xenia Karamanou used her fostered resilience to create her own fortune in real estate industry

Out of the many things that people generally wonder about, owning a personal home is one thing that is at the top of their priority list. Moreover, it is a dream that many people work all their lives to fulfill and turn their dream into a reality. Owing to this, the real estate industry is one which is filled with many ingenious realty professionals, brokers, and entrepreneurs who guide their customers towards their home ownership dreams and fulfill them. However, we couldn’t help but notice the rise of one such brilliant broker and an entrepreneur in the real estate industry named Xenia Karamanou, who today is a prominent name as a real estate expert and has earned the trust of many satisfied clients from Dubai to Greece.

Wondering who is Xenia Karamanou?

Well, this passionate real estate broker is all about drive and innovative visions to take over the real estate industry in numerous ways. Furthermore, she has been a renowned broker for nearly a decade in the residential and commercial real estate industry. Talking about her journey, she says that everything began for her in 2014 in Athens when she began assisting sellers and buyers with business and residential brokerage transactions.

Today, Xenia has become an expert in the process of home buying and selling with many clients, acquiring business opportunities like bars/lounges, restaurants, pubs and nightclubs, purchasing investment properties like condos, vacant land, single-family homes, and much more.

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There is much more that Xenia Karamanou aspires to learn and do, even after being a professional in the industry. She wants to keep inspiring greatness in the real estate industry and take it to the next level for years to come.

Currently, she’s setting up her new base in Istanbul, Turkey.

What is captivating is that real estate prices in Istanbul have actually been beating inflation in real terms. Up to now, the following years of decline in prices due to deleveraging, the Turkish realty market is in upswing again as visitors see real estate as their best hedge against rising inflation rates.

Following up on this news, Xenia looks forward to taking advantage of the inflation rates and blockchain.

Follow her on IG and stay tuned for her upcoming projects @xeniakaramanou

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