George Beke: The Multi-Talented Talent Manager Dominating the Nigerian Entertainment Scene

“If one can dream about it, one can definitely go ahead and achieve it,” says the talent manager George Beke AKA ‘Geobek’.

George Beke Featured

It doesn’t matter how much we discuss about those youngsters who have tried to go beyond extremities and created their unique niche in their chosen industries, it always feels much more discussions are needed around them for inspiring many others in the world and help them understand that pure love and passion can make anything and everything possible. These young talents, become enlivening stories and case studies for others to instill in them more hope and positivity. Topping the list of such talent managers is George Beke from Nigeria, who has been making waves as a Multi-Talented Talent Manager in the vast field of music.

Originally from Nigeria, West Africa, George Beke has positioned himself as a music industry executive, A&R specialist for Universal Music Africa, creative artist development, talent manager and an opportunity creator in collaborations that has been instrumental in uniting the continent and promoting the African music culture to the global market.

George holds deep A-list relationships with artists and producers in the Nigerian music industry. He has worked with numerous artists and now he looks forward to expanding his company ‘Geobek Records’.

George became a talent manager as well a decade ago. In the midst of his journey as a talent manager, George found a unique approach to new talents that would change the way of understanding the power of meaningful songs. George holds the view that artists can turn difficult life experiences into art that speaks to listeners who can relate to the message.

Every day in Nigeria, a new talent arises with the aim to make it big in the industry. Managers like George Beke help these up and comers in music by supporting their talent and investing in them to let them radiate their music brilliance to the world.

George Beke Talent Manager

George Beke is gaining popularity as a talent manager in West Africa, as he searches for raw talent in the entertainment industry.

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