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Loverboyakin’s talent has got social media attention with his amazing pictures on IG as a stylistic and passionate fashion model.

There are a lot of successful fashion-savvy people in the industry that have caught our attention this year. With the rise of social media influencers who have strategically used digital media platforms to build a successful career, we couldn’t help but to speak with one who caught our eye; fashion model— Akinyemi Akinro, also known as ‘Loverboyakin’.
As a young rising model, Loverboyakin has worked as a top fashion model and influencer. He has turned his public image into a sophisticated business that businesses are flocking to work with. With his growing clothing brand ‘Oddmindsworldwide’, there are even much more new opportunities that are now opened up for him.

Design has a great significance in our lives. “Different and Unique” is what Oddmindsworldwide conveys as a message of the brand to differentiate itself among the competition.

We talked to the founder of Oddmindsworldwide, Loverboyakin about the idea behind his brand to which he said “We want to make our presence felt in the daily wear segment by introducing this new line of clothes which are not only unique but created based on my own style & also inspired by my environment & fashion influences.”

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