Dentist Monika Mo Horvat is making global impact in the modelling industry

Monika Mo Horvat is one such remarkable dentist who has taken over the modelling niche across her Instagram page.

Monika Mo Horvat Dentist

Monika Mo Horvat is a unique dentist, from Croatia, based in Dubai, where she lives her life with a servant mentality – to Give, to Love, and to Serve with passion. What’s also unique about her is her patient base – coming from different countries, where she also take care for many big names in the world, in addition to the many living and working in Dubai.

Monika wants you to experience the transformative power of her dentistry. “Gratefulness is my driving force – I wake up grateful for the opportunity to serve, and knowing that someone last night was praying for my help.”

She is also a marvelous content creator who loves creating content on I.G related to fashion blogging.

Lots of fans hold high expectations of her, and Monika tries her best to deliver it through her contents. Moreover, she is a well-known face in the modelling industry as well due to her likeable looks and a great sense of style.

Monika’s Instagram account is that of a story book where she expresses her fashion tales in the form of pictures, live videos and reels.

One can say, she’s more than just a model.

Monika loves to travel and influence others by her fashion sense, people get inspired by her outfits and beautiful destinations.

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