Crypto and Currency: How You Can Use Bitcoin in Daily Life

Recognizing the potential of bitcoin, many influencers are now using their platforms to encourage viewers to make cryptocurrency investments.

Crypto and Currency: How You Can Use Bitcoin in Daily Life

For over three years, CryptoWendyO has been creating tutorials regarding price movement analysis, trading techniques, and cryptocurrency security so that viewers can gain profits. The influencer herself stated that crypto has improved her quality of life, which is why she’s helping others save up for their house money and other financial goals through digital assets.

CryptoWendyO has great foresight, as more companies are now allowing consumers to purchase everyday items using one of the most popular cryptocurrencies: bitcoin (BTC). With bitcoin, influencers can now invest in the following:

Entrepreneurial ventures

Bitcoin is usually bullish on the market, which is why it’s a particular favorite for investors. In fact, successful cryptocurrency investments can even become a substantial source of startup funding.

Thanks to his entrepreneurial mindset, influencer Rotariu George became one of the earliest bitcoin investors in Romania. His investment has since paid off, since he was able to use his cryptocurrency profits to establish multiple businesses in his country. Rotariu is proof that a little bit of investment savvy is enough to set up long-term opportunities for influencers, especially when it comes to crypto.

Influencer tips

Rotariu George isn’t the only influencer whose life has changed due to bitcoin. Soon, more influencers will be able to make smart investments through the Bitcoin tips that they get from social media.

Social media platform Twitter created a Tip Jar feature so that you can send and receive bitcoin for any published tweet. Users will need to add a bitcoin Lightning wallet or input their bitcoin address so that they can transfer digital assets for a lower transaction fee.

Money transfers

Twitter’s Tip Jar feature uses third-party financial services, since bitcoin transactions need to be verified through blockchain technology. However, you can send digital assets in a faster, more accessible avenue through Bitcoin Cash.

Influencers can buy Bitcoin Cash and use it just like cash, whether for quick coffee runs or even for new content features and equipment. This digital asset resembles a digital debit account, and allows you to transfer amounts to anyone without conversion or long waiting times. It’s thus easier for influencers and content creators to benefit from the security of cryptocurrencies, as well as the convenience of cash.

Travel reservations

Since bitcoin can be used for quick money transfers, investors can utilize this cryptocurrency to pay for their travels to different countries.

International flight tickets can be purchased with bitcoin through online travel agency CheapAir. This agency works with the world’s most popular airlines, so you can book a flight to different countries using your digital assets. You can also book hotel rooms through BTCTrip, since they facilitate the cryptocurrency payments made via

Electronic purchases

If you’re planning to become an influencer yourself, you can start your journey by leveraging your digital assets. Given that many individuals are investing in bitcoin, e-commerce sites have also started accommodating cryptocurrency payments.

Americans can purchase cameras, microphones, and lighting equipment with bitcoin by ordering them through Newegg. Meanwhile, if you’re based in Europe, Swedish e-commerce website Webhallen and UK-based electronics store support payments through the Bitpay Payment Gateway. This makes it easier to leverage your digital assets for vlogging and broadcasting equipment, among other possibilities.

The future is crypto

We’re beginning to see more and more use for cryptocurrency and bitcoin in our daily lives. For influencers who are used to maximizing digital tools for content, this shift is an especially important one. If you’ve invested in this digital asset, what are you looking forward to purchasing the most?

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