The Ferrari SF90 Stradale In India: What Makes it Special

Know more about the upcoming Ferrari Stradale SF90. Ferrari Stradale SF90 News. The Ferrari Stradale SF90 Price in India. Ferrari Stradale SF90 Launch date in India, specifications and more information.

ferrari stradale sf90 india news

Know more about the upcoming Ferrari Stradale SF90. Ferrari Stradale SF90 News. The Ferrari Stradale SF90 Price in India. Ferrari Stradale SF90 Launch date in India, specifications and more information.

The Ferrari’s V8 bloodline has given us most of the phenomenal monikers in the history of performance cars. The new SF90 Stradale that now stands as the most powerful V8 Ferrari ever.

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  • The Ferrari SF90 Stradale Redefines Maranello’s Glorious V8 Bloodline
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  • Ferrari Stradale SF90 Price in India

What to know about the Ferrari Stradale SF90?

Before we dive into theexclusive details of the new Ferrari Stradale, a lesson on its ethos is in order. Moreover, the very idea of a hybridised V8 that operates in the borderline 4 digit power figure isn’t just to bring about a revolution into its royal bloodline, but also to embrace the tightening emission norms that will soon hunt down most of our favourite good big engines.

The folks at the Maranello might have started with the same F154 twin-turbo V8. Which makes it as a ‘totally new architecture, with only minor parts carried over’.

ferrari sf90 stradale
Image: Ferrari

Specifications of the Ferrari Stradale SF90-

The Ferrari SF90 Stradale arrives with the most powerful V8 engine the Italian carmaker has ever produced as well as a trio of the electric motors. The 4.0-liter V8 sitting midship, two electric motor powering the front wheels and a MGUK motor that sits between the 769-hp V8 and eight-speed dual-clutch transmission. “The car produces a whopping 986 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque. As Ferrari’s first 4WD sports car (the GTC4Lusso is a grand touring wagon), the SF90 Stradale can sprint from 0-60 mph in just 2.6 seconds. The car can reach 125 mph in 6.7 seconds and can hit a top speed of 211 mph.”, says Carbuzz.

Drive modes-

Various drive modes includes eDrive that allows the supercar to travel up to 16 miles on electric propulsion alone at speeds of up to 84 mph. At the other end of the spectrum is Qualify, which unleashes all the performance to help set record track times.

The SF90 Stradale will be available in Assetto Fiorano spec, shaving 66 pounds off the standard model. The car includes weight-saving measures such as carbon-fiber door panels and a titanium exhaust. At 3,461 pounds, its 30 pounds lighter than the LaFerrari, Ferrari’s only other hybrid machine.

Ferrari Stradale SF90 INTERIOR
Image: Ferrari

Ferrari Stradale SF90 Interior-

Aggressive styling includes square taillights, a suspended rear wing with a shut-off gurney, and a black roof. From Inside, a new look cabin boasts a 16-inch curved screen displaying a fully digital center instrument cluster and configured with a new touchpad and hepatic buttons on the steering wheel.

Pricing has yet to be announced, but we expect the SF90 Stradale to hit showrooms by the fall.

Getting more technical with the Ferrari

“The capacity of the traditional V8 has been bumped up from 3902cc to 3990cc; pretty cool. Welcoming a larger bore of 88mm. This is married to a completely redesigned intake and exhaust. Additionally, the cylinder head is narrower with an all-new central injector running 350bar. The new exhaust sits higher and exits above the rear bumper. This means that the engine sits about 50mm lower in the chassis that brings about a reduced centre of gravity. All of this brings about 769bhp to the table, the rest of which comes from a very potent hybrid system.” Says, News18.

The hybrid system on the SF90 Stradale ships with a 7.9kWh lithium-ion battery that sends power to three electric motors, two of which are at the front and one on the back. To put things into perspective, Ferrari claims that the car can reach up to a top speed of 135kph only if the ICE is turned off. Ferrari’s control logic manages the power flows and anticipates if the driver is feeling holy or hedonistic.

ferrari stradale sf90 exterior
Image: Ferrari

The Ferrari SF90 Stradale Redefines Maranello’s Glorious V8 Bloodline

The self-explanatory ‘eDrive’ uses just the front axle and runs purely on electric power for 24 kilometres. The ‘Hybrid’ mode is the car’s default setting that uses both the battery as well as the ICE. Moreover, the ‘Performance’ keeps the engine running to charge the battery. The ‘Qualify’ mode squeezes out everything out of every part of the powertrain, rinsing the three electric motors of their 162kW output.

Moreover, the platform that underpins the new SF90 caters to the demands of the new hybrid powertrain and is a mix of carbon fibre and high strength aluminium for better torsional rigidity. At 1,570kg, the SF90 is no salad-dodger either, considering it accommodates about 270kg worth of gubbins inside.

The engineers at Ferrari has also promised impressive progress in terms of aero- and thermal dynamics. The rather spectacular and edgy bodywork puts down 390kg of downforce at 250 kmph and the engine has been placed lower for better airflow. In a nutshell, the whole rear section of this car is rather spectacular.

Ferrari Stradale view
Image: Ferrari

Ferrari wants you to keep your hands on the wheel. Thus, the steering-mounted touch-sensitive controls that won’t require one to take hands off the steering while driving.

What’s unique in this car is that the F90 does not do justice to its beauty. And it’s not just a car’s aesthetics but also what like beneath the skin as the words of Enzo Ferrari, “When you buy a Ferrari, you pay for the engine and they’ll give you the rest of the car for free.”

Ferrari Stradale SF90 Launch In India Date

The Ferrari Stradale SF90 is expected to launch in India by January, 2020. Stay tuned.

Ferrari Stradale SF90 Price In India

Expected Price: 2,52,80,000-3,00,000

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