OnePlus 8 Leaks on Hike; 2020 most expected and McLaren Edition

Recently OnePlus launched the OnePlus 7 Pro and here comes new news. Learn more about the OnePlus 8 and what more is expected to come.

Recently OnePlus launched the OnePlus 7 Pro and here comes the new news. Learn more about the OnePlus 8 and what more is expected to come.

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  • OnePlus 8 McLaren Edition Leak
  • The OnePlus 8 Expected Price in India
  • OnePlus 8 Launch Date in India

The OnePlus is coming up its new flagship smartphone OnePlus 8 very soon. Just weeks earlier, the Chinese mobile phone manufacturer released its latest cellphone series OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro. The geeks and tech enthusiasts are anxious to know more the future.

Image: expertreviews

OnePlus 7 Pro Specifications, Price And Features

We are impressed with the all-new OnePlus 7 Pro. So, before the next one comes up, we have thought of some improvements that can be improved when OnePlus 8 releases. So, here’s everything that you need to know about the upcoming smartphone like its price, features, specs, etc.

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Features of the OnePlus 8

This is a early time to quote on the features and specs of OnePlus 8. It’s because the information on the future phone is close to non-existent in June 2019. Then, the improved features could be brought-in to the unannounced phone.

We expect the Oneplus 8 to come with-

  • Larger Battery
  • Upgraded Camera
  • Waterfall Effect
  • Improved HDR
  • Ultra Wide Angle Lens

Larger battery

Though the battery of OnePlus 7 Pro is sufficient, but it could be improved further. Given the size, it should come with at-least a battery of 4000 mAh capacity. Moreover, there seems to be no reason on why the company should not feature a higher-capacity battery, and improve its already respectable longevity.

Upgraded camera

The OnePlus 7 Pro can capture images of 48-MP, but they aren’t as good as they could be. Even the well-lit background pics lose a significant amount of fine details when the images are captured with the 48MP camera mode. So, the overall quality of the image is reduced.

Waterfall Effect

What waterfall effect actually means is that the screen extends over the edges of the phone, giving the eponymous “waterfall” effect to the device.

Improved HDR

oneplus 8 hdr feature
Image: ExpertReviews

Though OnePlus 7 Pro has the HDR+ 10 certification, it can always be improved. And some reviewers, didn’t like its display that much. As you know, it’s a big screen phone, so watching and streaming video becomes a big part of the appeal. And if the HDR component doesn’t work to its full potential, it would turn out into a not-so-good user experience.

Thus, we would like to see an improved and full functioning HDR display when OnePlus 8 launches.

We think that it can be improved with a software update. We definitely would like to get an improved and better OnePlus 8 camera. It becomes exciting thinking of what could be possible adventures and potential of a fully improved 48MP camera.

For a phone with such a large display, watching and streaming video is a big concern – and if the HDR component doesn’t work to its full potential, then you won’t get the best experience.

Ultra Wide Angle Lens

Ultra wide angle lens in oneplus 8

You can take in wide vistas with the Ultra Wide Angle lens which are designed to increase the range of your photos by up to 48%. You must have also seen this in the Oneplus 7 Pro.

McLaren Edition OnePlus 8 Leak

oneplus 8 mclaren edition
Image: Oneplus 6T Mclaren Edition

It is also said that the OnePlus 8 would arrive with a special edition. One of the phone variant is said to come in a McLaren Edition. We’ve already seen this edition in the Oneplus 6T. However, we’re expecting much more from the Oneplus apart from the Mclaren Edition.

OnePlus 8 Expected Price in India

At the time of launch, the OnePlus 7 was unveiled for Rs.32,999 or Rs.37,999, depending upon the model. And, the OnePlus 7 Pro costs Rs.48,999 with three variants to choose from. Over the years, the company has increased the prices. So, OnePlus 8 would come for at-least Rs.39,000, and the high-end models would surpass the mark of Rs.62,840.

The OnePlus 8 Launch Date in India

Oneplus 8 is going to launch in India in mid-2020’s. Stay tuned to RichEndTech for more or subscribe here-

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