New-Gen All Electric Jaguar XJ Teased at the Frankfurt Motor Show

Just like the Jaguar i-Pace, the new Jaguar XJ Electric Car is expected to have similar levels of performance and will be a more luxury car. Know more-

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  • Jaguar XJ EV Overview
  • Jaguar i-Pace and the XJ Electric
  • Partnership between Jaguar and BMW
  • Jaguar XJ EV Price in India
  • Jaguar XJ EV Launch Date in India

The Jaguar XJ EV Overview

jaguar XJ Electric
Image: AutoExpress

The Jaguar has discontinued their flagship luxury sedan, the XJ and at the same time they’d introduced the XJ50. We all knew that the XJ would come back but of course, as an all-electric vehicle from the Jaguar. We’ve already seen that the Jaguar has been quite ahead in the electric car game with its i-Pace and it was unexpected that Jaguar’s new flagship XJ sedan would be an electric car too.

Although, Jaguar Land Rover’s CEO- Mr. Ralph Speth has also confirmed at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show that the new Jaguar XJ would get an all-electric power-plant to compete against the likes of the Tesla Model S and the upcoming Mercedes EQ-Silver. However, Mr. Speth hasn’t given out any further details or specs about their new upcoming car. But, we expect it to have similar range of performance as the i-Pace which was Jaguar’s first all-electric car.

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Jaguar i-Pace and the XJ Electric

jaguar e pace
Image: CarsGuide

Talking about the Jaguar i-Pace, the i-Pace is powered by two electric motors which has a combined power output of 400 PS and and 696Nm of peak torque. Moreover, it can sprint from 0-100 kph in just 4.8 seconds, that’s actually fast. Apart from the next-gen Electric XJ, the company has also teased us with an image of the next-gen XJ electric sedan. In addition, the car also gets connected LED tail lamps as the rear and rest it will be completely redesigned from what we have known it to be.

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The JLR has also planned to launch a variety of electric and hybrid cars in the near future. Moreover, JLR already has a detailed road map for the same in India and there will be hybrid SUV from Land Rover. However, the Range Rover PHEV(Plus-in Hybrid) would be followed by the Jaguar i-Pace SUV.

Jaguar’s and BMW’s Partnership; We expect the car to be more Advanced in terms of Technology

The Jaguar has entered into a partnership with the BMW. Now, both of them will be working closely on the electric powertrains and would also be sharing their platforms. However, their collaboration is also supposed to bring about developments in the connectivity, autonomous driving technology and battery technology in their vehicles. In addition, it also aims to jointly share development costs between both of the car manufacturers. Thus, resulting in cheaper Electric Vehicles from both of the manufacturers.

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Jaguar XJ EV Price in India

The current-gen Jaguar XJ L was sold in India with a 3.0-litre V6 diesel engine that developed over 305PS and 689Nm of torque and was priced at Rs. 1.07Cr. Now, this Jaguar XJ EV is expected to be more pricier than its predecessor. Stay tuned to RichEndTech for more.

Jaguar XJ EV Launch Date in India

Considering that rivals like the Audi has already brought in their flagship EV in India- the Audi e-Tron and the all-electric Jaguar XJ too will eventually make it to our shores soon.


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