Lamborghini Miura p400

An orange Lamborghini Miura P400 is driven over the Great St. Bernard Pass with exceptional style by a “free agent” Italian criminal, played by Rossano Brazzi, who has devised an armored car robbery to take place in the crowded streets of the Turin.

The two Miuras starred in the movie, and the car in the drive sequence was not even destroyed. For 50 years, collectors have attempted to identify without question which car was the star. As Lamborghini had many financial ups and downs until VW Group took over, they never had the ability to document cars to the same level as the Ferrari or Porsche.

lamborghini miura
Credits: Lamborghini

The film’s car wrangler visited the Sant’Agata Bolognese and purchased a heavily damaged Miura for the accident scene. Lamborghini provided a second car, the one seen here. The second Miura returned to the factory for delivery to its first owner, a Roman.

“There was a Miura P400 almost ready on the production line, in the right color, left-hand drive and with white leather interior. It was aesthetically identical to the damaged one. Also check this post by

Lamborghini Miura p400
Credits: lamborghini

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