Introducing JJ Savani, Barber Entrepreneur disrupting the Music Industry

Jeet A Savani, also more known by the name JJ Savani is the UK’s leading celebrity barber who provides male hair and beauty grooming services.

Introducing JJ Savani, Barber Entrepreneur disrupting the Music Industry

JJ Savani owns and operates from his salon located in the Midlands where he personally offers the services to his clients in relation to haircare, make up and styling.

We spoke to JJ Savani about few concerns that he wished he had known when he was starting out and how he has managed to secure a slice of the market and what he has planned for the future.

Introducing JJ Savani, Barber Entrepreneur disrupting the Music Industry

What does JJ Savani offer that wasn’t already on the market?

“I offer my consumers an all-in-one solution to male grooming whether it’s something to do with hair, make up or skin care. The good part is that our clients can book an appointment for any occasion at any place and at any time. This could be in UK on a high-end editorial shoot, or a normal day to day service in our Studio in Northamptonshire or in the presence of your private hotel room in Dubai. I have done this for several Dubai based hip-hop artists such as ‘Freek’! However, the one key advantage of our salon is that we tailor every service to the wants, needs and budgets of our customers and we make sure that we always deliver quality results no matter how big or small the job is.”

In your words, can you explain what is the experience like for the customer from the moment the client books to the moment when you arrive?

“We don’t want the booking process to be hectic. Hence, we use a completely digital service provided by our custom app powered by our US partner “Get Squire”. However, we would like our customers to speak to a real person rather than just a chatbot. Therefore, we have leveraged the power of online and offline booking service together.

This could be any time from weeks or months ahead of the booking, or very last minute, within the hour. The app then sends a payment link to the prospect to process payment for the booking via our integrated stripe platform powered by Get Squire. Me or my team then carry out the job. And afterwards, we always follow up with our customer to ensure he is happy. All customers and clients are welcome to leave a review should they wish to.”

What advice do you have to other young entrepreneurs?

“Treat everyone you meet with respect and always remember that even the CEOs of the largest creative companies started off in training or used to make the tea for their teams or even sweep the floors just like I did!

Many of my clients, including all of the brands we work with have come from word-of-mouth recommendations. Moreover, people also move around, and they will take you with them if they like working with you and trust that you will deliver! And always look forward. Once a mistake has been made, remember you learn something from every mistake.”

What has been the biggest pinch-me moment for you so far?

“Honestly this year so far as a whole, looking at my passport as seeing that I have travelled so much, I knew I always wanted to travel for my job rather than being stuck behind the chair cutting or working out strategic decisions, but I never imagined that I would spend the first 6 months of 2022 travelling to a different country every 2-3 weeks, especially post covid pandemic!”

What do you know now that you wish you had known when you were just starting out?

“The difference between seeing A-list celebrities such as hip-hop stars on stage performing and seeing them in your chair getting a haircut. Remember just like everyone else, having a haircut is their down time! So don’t pester them with work related or industry related questions, just treat them as you would treat any other person in your chair!”

Jeet created more than just a barbershop. His vision of addressing needs and providing high-level quality service to customers revolutionizes his niche in the hair grooming industry.

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Even though dubbed as a Celebrity Barber, Jeet continues to be a very modest man. Although his barbershop is only available in Northamptonshire, he’s currently working towards expanding his expert solutions across the UK.

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