rolls royce by hottest cars in india

Hottest Cars in India is one of the growing Cars niche Instagram page of India. Here’s what you need to know about Hottest Cars in India.

Hottest Cars in India(Introduction)

hottest cars in india

Hottest Cars in India believes that cars around the country deserves to be showcased to people on the social media in a proper way instead of the way the media does- calling a Corvette a Lamborghini. They believe that all super sports cars deserves the same respect and the people of the country should know that they exist within the borders.

How this page started-

Hottest Cars in India was created on 16th May, 2014. The page first came on Facebook and then on Instagram on 27th March, 2016. The page was created on a fun basis and they never expected that it would become so big.

“The page had plenty of ups and downs, we had faced criticisms but every time we fought back and stood on our feet again.

We have expanded the team from 3 members to 10+ members, one person from each city to cover whole of India in 2017. We started, obviously, with 0 followers on the dash and now we just went past the 60k follower milestone and we are heading towards more and more.” says Hottest Cars in India.

rolls royce by hottest cars in india

Future Plans-

"We at Hottest Cars In India work hard to make the page better and we hope to to continue the good work without any kind of obstruction in the near future as well. Also, we are looking forward to gaining followers in a better pace. "