Here’s What You can Know About the New-Gen 2019 Volkswagen Golf!

The new-gen 2019 Volkswagen Golf has been teased ahead of official unveiling! Here’s what you can know about the upcoming Volkswagen Golf.

The new-gen 2019 Volkswagen Golf has been teased ahead of official unveiling! Here’s what you can know about the upcoming Volkswagen Golf.

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  • New-Gen Volkswagen Golf Overview
  • When will the new Volkswagen Golf Arrive?
  • Features that you’ll get to see in the New Volkswagen Golf
  • New-Gen Volkswagen Polo Design
  • Interior of the New Volkswagen Golf
  • Next-Gen Volkswagen Golf Engine
  • Next-Gen Volkswagen Golf Launch Date

New-Gen Volkswagen Golf Overview

new-gen Volkswagen Golf
Image: IOL

The Volkswagen Golf is very popular vehicle in international market. Moreover it’s Volkswagen’s best selling car which is available in various iteration from being a family hatchback to a full blown hot-hatch. Talking about the sales, the company has sold more than 35 million units worldwide and now Volkswagen is readying the new-golf.

When will the New Volkswagen Golf Arrive?

The Golf is expected to roll out in a couple of month’s time but it’s definitely ahead of its official unveil. Morever, the Volkswagen has officially teased the 8th-gen Golf which was wrapped-up in Camouflage while undergoing final rounds of testing in a production-ready form. The current Golf has now come off age, thus we expect to see digitization and electrification to keep up with modern trends.

Features that you’ll get to see in the new 2019 Volkswagen Golf-

The upcoming Volkswagen Golf is expected to have-

  • Powertrain
  • Connected car technology
  • and assisted driving systems.

Moreover, the Golf is a five-door vehicle and hence it has retained its DNA. Because this car comes comes completely wrapped up in camouflage, hence if you look closely, you will see the ‘Golf’ written in the camouflage itself.

“The upcoming Volkswagen Golf will “be a genuine eye-catcher”. At this time, we will not disclose all details of the new Golf, however you can already perceive its elegant proportions.”

Klaus Bischoff, head of Volkswagen Design

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New-Gen Volkswagen Polo Design

You can expect a completely new design in the Volkswagen Golf. However, the design details cannot be seen under the heavy camouflage design in the car. The Golf has also been changed in terms of its size. Moreover, Volkswagen will also be going to debut their new logo with this new-gen Golf. Also you will be getting to see other body styles like the station wagon, GTI and R trims in the new Golf. Also the silhouette remains instantly recognizable and we surely know that the new-golf has grown in dimension, thus freeing more space on the inside.

Interior of the new Volkswagen Golf

The interiors of the new Volkswagen Golf is going to be changed completely in terms of features and also in terms of comfort. Hence, you can expect the new Volkswagen Golf to be more comfortable. Moreover, the car will also going to feature a new digital instrument cluster which will also incorporate the Virtual Cockpit features. Also the dashboard will get tons of new features because it’s going to be denominated by a large-floating infotainment screen .

Next-Gen Volkswagen Golf Engine

The new-gen Golf is expected to be powered by a range of turbocharged petrol engine and would also come with hybrid-powertrains.

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Next-Gen 2019 Volkswagen Golf Launch Date

The next-gen Volkswagen Golf is expected to launch in October 2019. Stay tuned to RichEndTech for more details including its price in India.



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