Itish with lamborghini-Delhicars Instagram

DelhiCars is a growing automotive blog on Instagram. It focuses on showcasing wide variety of cars located in Delhi(India). Know more.

Who's the Man behind @DelhiCars?

Itish with lamborghini-Delhicars Instagram

@Delhicars is one of the largest car community around, based in Delhi NCR(India) started by Itish.

Know more about Itish(DelhiCars); What does Itish say about his Passion-

"Sticking to just my car related life, I have been into cars since forever. As a child, I used to collect car pictures in my PSP, and trust me back in the days I didn't even know the basics but I was always interested in these fancy looking automobiles. There's a long story on how I got into car community around me, but thanks to the ones who recognized my love for cars and helped me get to where I am today. It's been about 4 years in this community and I've learned a lot from the surroundings. Things can get toxic sometimes, but that's what happens when you're above others!".

How does Itish spends most of his time?

Itish spends most of his time around cars. Clicking them, driving around, meeting new people in the community, and on Instagram, operating @delhicars.

I’m not into photography but I love to click cars and try to generate new content for my page regularly., says Itish.

Itish RollsRoyce- DelhiCars Instagram

What does Itish has to say about his Future Plans?

Don’t know what future holds for me, I still find it too early to comment. One thing I know for sure, I will be involved with cars, because that’s what I live for.

Quotes written by Itish-

"Never forget who you really are."