Instagram Car Bloggers: Bhushan Bhosale

Bhushan Bhosale is an automobile photographer from mumbai. He’s passionate about cars and loves to share his feelings about cars on his page. Know more-

Who is Bhushan Bhosale?

Bhushan Bhosale @bhushan235. He’s an automobile photographer from Mumbai and does automobile photography. Bhushan likes clicking pictures of luxury, exotic and good performance cars.

Rolls Royce shot by Bhushan Bhosale

What does Bhushan say about his passion:

"I was not more in car photography earlier but loved to stick cutouts of car pictures from books, magazines etc. My love for car photography started almost 4 years ago on a sunny sunday where I saw many supercars and thought of getting them captured in camera."
Mustang GT shot by Bhushan Bhosale

How does Bhushan Bhosale spends most of his time?

“As I ‘m pursuing mechanical engineering, so my most of the time is spent in college.”, says Bhushan.

Future plan of Bhushan Bhosale:

Bhushan’s future plan is to shoot more amazing unique cars and to own some of them.

Jatin Ahuja Big Boy Toyz: Here’s What You Need to Know

Jatin Ahuja is the owner of Big Boy Toyz- a retail brand for pre-owned high-end cars. Know more about Jatin Ahuja here-

Who is Jatin Ahuja?

Jatin Ahuja is an Indian entrepreneur from Delhi, India and the owner of Big Boy Toyz- a retail brand for pre-owned high-end cars.

Jatin studied at Mata Jai Kaur Public School and then completed his B.Tech from Maharishi Dayanand University in 2002.

Check out Jatin’s Instagram page here.

Jatin Ahuja BBT

What is Big Boy Toyz?

Big Boy Toyz showroom

Big Boy Toyz, or BBT as it is popularly known was launched in 2009, where pre-owned luxury cars would be refurbished and sold to the ultimate buyers. BBT was such a hit that the turnover of the first year itself was Rs 6 crore and had also crossed the 100-crore turnover mark in 2016. Now the company brings an annual turnover of Rs 250 crore.

BBT is now a popular retail brand for pre-owned high-end cars such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Lamborghini, Range Rover, etc.

It is forceful to miss the three storey Big Boy Toyz (BBT) showroom at Gurgaon and one in Hyderabad. Parked inside the classy showroom are cars with price tags of Rs. 50 lakh and going all the way to Rs. 5 crore.

Jatin Ahuja Big Boy Toyz car collection

Jatin's Future Plans-

With a current turnover of Rs 250 crore, Jatin says his future plan is to take the company up to Rs 1,000 crore. Moreover, this is the legacy he wants to create for his daughter Zaara, and be an inspiration for her the same way his own dad has been to him. Read more by Jatin here.

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Maren Tschinkel: Miss Earth Germany 2018 Model News, Lifestyle and Photos

Maren Tschinkel: The German Beauty is Buoyant About Enrapturing More Hearts in The Near Future. Know more about the fitness, automobile and an aircraft lover here-

Who is Maren Tschinkel?

Maren Tschinkel is a German Model who represented Germany in the Miss Earth 2018 International pageant.

Maren Tschinkel: The German Beauty is Buoyant About Enrapturing More Hearts in The Near Future

Acquiring immense grandeur and fame, Maren Tschinkel stepped into the world of modeling at the age of 17.

Tschinkel’s variegated set of achievements has brought her today to an immense height.

Winning beauty pageant contest in 2018, she bagged the Miss Earth Germany title in 2018. Moreover, she also represented Germany in one of the biggest Beauty pageant contest in the world “Miss Earth“. Apart from this, she has also represented ginormic brands which includes Moschino.

Maren Tschinkel's Lifestyle and Future Plans

Maren has also affirmed that giant firms are going to be associated with her in 2020 and she is apprehending a behemoth success for herself. Her work environment acquaints her confidence and boldness profoundly. Moreover, she has a complete support from her friends and family.

Being dragged into the bewitching world of glamour, she has attracted numerous model agencies and has represented multiple gigantic brands. Currently, she is traveling round the orb and flaunting her talent globally.

Maren Tschinkel News

Giant firms are trying to associate with Maren in 2020 and she has much greater plans to effectuate.

We admire her work and wish her behemoth success for the year!

Maren Tschinkel on Instagram- Visit, Read More About Maren Tschinkel

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Rachit Hirani; MotorOctane's Founder- Future Plans, Quotes and More

Rachit Hirani began with Motoroctane in 2015 and shifted to YouTube in 2017. Here’s what you need to know about Rachit Hirani-

Who is Rachit Hirani?

Rachit Hirani is an Indian entrepreneur who started off dreaming about cars and was offered a job as an automobile journalist in the online space, which was just born back in 2008. Since then he’s been a learner in this genre. Rachit began Motoroctane in 2015, with the focus on YouTube shifting in 2017.

Rachit Hirani with Mustang GT

Future plans of Rachit Hirani?

Now the team is expanding and we are adding more members to our team on a daily basis. My future plan is to enhance my team’s capabilities to the next level, possibly things that aren’t even a part of it.” says Rachit.

Quote written by Rachit Hirani-

Rachit Hirani- Mercedes Benz
"Impossible is Nothing"
Rachit Hirani with Mustang GT
Rachit Hirani
Founder- Motoroctane

Instagram: Rachit.Hirani

Instagram Car Bloggers: Anshul Rawat

Anshul Rawat has been an automotive enthusiast since he was a child. He can tell the brand and model of the car just be seeing its headlights. Know more.

Who is Anshul Rawat?

Anshul Rawat on Instagram

Anshul Rawat is an automotive enthusiast and runs a blog on Instagram where he showcases his love for cars in form of pictures. He can tell the brand and model of the car just by seeing its headlights.

What does Anshul say about his Passion?

"My enthusiasm towards Supercars was really a graph which went upwards exponentially, I took more and more interest in cars as I grew older. Eventually I developed an interest in Photography and started out as a wildlife photographer. About 9-10 months ago a friend of mine took me out in a Supercar where I did my first Automotive Shoot. It was an insane experience, and there was no stopping ever since! I did shoot after shoot of various Supercars, got super pumped seeing how I was improving with each one. It's a truly amazing feeling when you get to do what you love, and maybe deep down I know this is what I started photography for, this very feeling of achievement, satisfaction is what I was aiming for."

How does Anshul spends most of his time?

Anshul spends most of his time in finding inspiration for the upcoming automotive shoots.

“There are some things in the world which truly give you happiness, I mostly combine the two things I have- Photography and Cars.
My history on YouTube says it all about my love for cameras and cars.
I wouldn’t say much, according to me one should always try to find out time for things they actually like doing, if what you love doing is your profession, it’s the best, if not, one should always try to find out some time from their schedule to do what they’re really passionate about!”, says Anshul Rawat.

Quote written by Anshul Rawat-

“Pursue what you love the most, and the satisfaction will chase you down somehow”