Car Crazy India is a growing car blog on Instagram. This blog focuses on presenting wide range of photos that showcases the most exotic and luxury cars in India. Know more.

What is Car Crazy India about?

Car Crazy India is all about showcasing the different Supercars and Luxury Cars based in India. Moreover, they love to review them too and post the latest pictures on their Instagram Blog page.

Car Crazy India Instagram

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What was the reason to start Car Crazy India?

The main trigger of starting this page was to promote the car culture and show. Despite of the huge taxes and the lack of infrastructure, people are still passionate about cars and love to buy them.

Future Plans of Car Crazy India Instagram-

The future plan of Car Crazy India is to develop the tuner and automotive scene in India.

Quotes written by Car Crazy India-

"Passion matters more than Professionalism"
Car Crazy India- Instagaram