BMW Vision M Next; Everything you need to know

The new BMW concept is slated to debut at the upcoming 2019 Frankfurt motor show, which will be held in September. Know more about the BMW Vision M Next here-

BMW Vision M Next

The new BMW concept is slated to debut at the upcoming 2019 Frankfurt motor show, which will be held in September. Know more about the BMW Vision M Next here-

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  • Why BMW Vision M Next?
  • BMW Vision M Next’s Engine
  • Interior of the BMW’s Vision M Next
  • How to boost up the BMW Vision M Next?
  • BMW Vision M Next’s Design
  • Hans Zimmer’s Role in BMW
  • BMW Vision M Next’s Launch Date
BMW Vision M Next
Image: Supercar Blondie

Why BMW Vision M Next?

The BMW Vision M Next is made for those who don’t want to give up driving in future. This is the only drive-able car by BMW which would just give you a A+ feel when you drive up this beast on roads. Moreover, the concept has been introduced and has added up many new and cool features that includes-

  • 22 inch rims (rear)
  • 21 inch rims(front)

Now what I’ve liked the most in this car is the steering. No matter what, the steering is just too futuristic. The dashboard of this car is just like the dashboard from the car of the ‘Men in Black’. I don’t have words to describe the interior of the Vision M Next.

Even cooler part of this car is that is doesn’t have door handles. You can open the doors by just clicking on a touchscreen sensor; which is just right behind the door’s window. Once you click that button, you can lift up the doors of the car just like the BMW i8. It’s pretty awesome.

BMW Vision M Next
Sensor to open the doors

BMW Vision M Next Engine

The BMW’s new concept model comes with a mid-engine layout and uses a plug-in petrol-electric drivetrain that has been earmarked to power other conventional future M-powered models. The petrol engine is a newly developed turbocharged 2.0-litre, four-cylinder unit. This unit when combined with the two electric motors will produce a combined output of 600hp, which is almost double of what the current i8 produces. The electric motors are separated with one powering the front axle and the other providing power to the rear axle. This setup can provide rear or four-wheel drive, depending on the mode selected; and it will have more than a 100km of electric-only range. However, BMW has also claimed that its supercar will be able to do the 0-100kph sprint in 3seconds flat and go onto a top speed of 299kph.

Interior of the BMW Vision M Next

On the inside, BMW’s new concept previews a driver-centric cockpit design. The interior features a so-called ‘boost pod’ with a unique high-performance drag-car-inspired steering wheel with integrated displays and a fingerprint sensor as a starter button. A curved instrument display and the augmented reality head-up display unit is also a part of the package.

The interior as I told you is just futuristic. The car welcomes you with a glowing BMW logo which you can see on the steering. A question for you all? Have you ever seen a car that records your heart rate? this car does. You just need to put your hands on the steering and the beautiful screen will show your heart rate to you.

BMW's Vision M Next Heart Rate Sensor
BMW: Heart Rate

How to boost up the BMW Vision M Next?

I know, everyone loves speed? But too much speed can be risky. Thus, this car has provided you with an option to tune up the speed by taking most of the power from it’s battery so that you can accelerate the vehicle more harder. You can do this up by pressing up both the clutch gears together.

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Gyroscopic Cup Holders and seats in the BMW Vision M next are just ultimate

BMW Vision M Next Seats
Seats: BMW Vision M Next

Have a cup of coffee or water in your hands? Feeling bit awkward by holding it in your hands? then this car can reduce your workload. Yes, this car comes with a gyroscopic cup holders that will take a safe hold of your coffee or water cup.

The car just doesn’t have seats. True! the car is bumped up with a classy foam which just gives you a relaxing sensation when you sit on them. Moreover, the car isn’t too leathery just like others. There isn’t much leather been put into the interior. You can see leather on the steering-wheel though.

BMW Vision M Next’s Design

BMW Vision M Next Exterior

The design of the Vision M Next has clearly taken inspiration from the original M1 model. The exterior sports distinctive design details such as the new grille. The grill has many small BMW logo’s that glows up all the time; it features a laser-engraved pattern. Moreover the car has blade-like aerodynamic elements at the front, cutting-edge OLED lighting and butterfly-action doors.

Other noticeable feature include prominent ducts that are integrated into the rear bodywork to channel cool air to the mid-mounted petrol engine and electric motor. While the unpainted panels on the lower portion of the concept hint at a lightweight carbon-fibre bodyshell. Apparently, proposals for a convertible version of this supercar have also been made to the BMW board; but no decision regarding the production of the convertible has been made yet.

Hans Zimmer’s role in BMW

Hans Zimmer in BMW
Oscar winner for lion king

Now, all the sound that you can see in the vehicles are composed by Hans Zimmer, you must have heard this name. He’s the music composer of the many famous films such as lion king, pirates of the caribbean, etc.

BMW Vision M Next Launch Date

According to sources at BMW HQ, the production version of the Vision M Next concept will be a limited-run model that will be sold in the international market shortly before the introduction of the second-gen i8. This suggests that the two cars could possibly share some key structural components. The Vision M Next will also be a spearhead for the German carmaker’s ‘Strategy One Next’ initiative, and it aims to put up to 25 electrified BMW models on sale by 2025. Says, Autocar India.

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