Instagram Car Bloggers: Bhushan Bhosale

Who is Bhushan Bhosale?

Bhushan Bhosale @bhushan235. He’s an automobile photographer from Mumbai and does automobile photography. Bhushan likes clicking pictures of luxury, exotic and good performance cars.

Rolls Royce shot by Bhushan Bhosale

What does Bhushan say about his passion:

"I was not more in car photography earlier but loved to stick cutouts of car pictures from books, magazines etc. My love for car photography started almost 4 years ago on a sunny sunday where I saw many supercars and thought of getting them captured in camera."
Mustang GT shot by Bhushan Bhosale

How does Bhushan Bhosale spends most of his time?

“As I ‘m pursuing mechanical engineering, so my most of the time is spent in college.”, says Bhushan.

Future plan of Bhushan Bhosale:

Bhushan’s future plan is to shoot more amazing unique cars and to own some of them.

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