Instagram Car Bloggers: Anshul Rawat

Who is Anshul Rawat?

Anshul Rawat on Instagram

Anshul Rawat is an automotive enthusiast and runs a blog on Instagram where he showcases his love for cars in form of pictures. He can tell the brand and model of the car just by seeing its headlights.

What does Anshul say about his Passion?

"My enthusiasm towards Supercars was really a graph which went upwards exponentially, I took more and more interest in cars as I grew older. Eventually I developed an interest in Photography and started out as a wildlife photographer. About 9-10 months ago a friend of mine took me out in a Supercar where I did my first Automotive Shoot. It was an insane experience, and there was no stopping ever since! I did shoot after shoot of various Supercars, got super pumped seeing how I was improving with each one. It's a truly amazing feeling when you get to do what you love, and maybe deep down I know this is what I started photography for, this very feeling of achievement, satisfaction is what I was aiming for."

How does Anshul spends most of his time?

Anshul spends most of his time in finding inspiration for the upcoming automotive shoots.

“There are some things in the world which truly give you happiness, I mostly combine the two things I have- Photography and Cars.
My history on YouTube says it all about my love for cameras and cars.
I wouldn’t say much, according to me one should always try to find out time for things they actually like doing, if what you love doing is your profession, it’s the best, if not, one should always try to find out some time from their schedule to do what they’re really passionate about!”, says Anshul Rawat.

Quote written by Anshul Rawat-

“Pursue what you love the most, and the satisfaction will chase you down somehow”
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