2019 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Price in India, Images, Mileage, Colours

The S-Class is the most luxurious vehicle as said by Mercedes. Is this car worth its price? Know more about the 2019 Mercdedes-Benz S-Class price in India and a full review.

The S-Class is the most luxurious vehicle as said by Mercedes. Is this car worth its price? Know more about the 2019 Mercdedes-Benz S-Class price in India and a full review.

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2019 Mercedes Benz S-Class Overview

The S-Class by Mercedes is totally a luxury car. This car is ultimately made to give you a sleek performance, high-end luxury experience and even the owner of the vehicle feels proud too.The art of making consistently brilliant cars is a difficult one and no one does it better than Mercedes-Benz, particularly with the S-Class which is incidentally also known as ‘the best vehicle in the world’. With each new generation the S-Class brought in benchmark technology that placed it a step ahead of the competition every time. The car is question here isn’t a new generation car but a facelift of the W222 model. Now, what makes this a luxury vehicle? Let’s discuss in brief.

Mercedes Benz S-Class 2019 Exterior

mercedes benz s-class exterior

The front of this car looks gorgeous as does the rear. The front comes up with a beautiful grill that Mercedes provides in all its models. Apart from the grill, we’ve got two beautiful headlights that has an eye-catching design. Now, these headlights aren’t a common thing, these DRL’s has built in 84-LED’s and also there’s a camera up there in the wind screen which is able to see the road surface ahead and judge if there’s oncoming traffic or a pedestrian. So, what it does is 100 times per second it monitors the roads to see if it needs to reduce the amount of intensity from the headlights in order to not blind the oncoming traffic. That’s just amazing. Now, in the headlights, there are triple-torch LED’s- the C-class gets 1, the E-class gets 2 and ultimately 3 in the S-Class. These multi-beam LED lights are so bright that it can light up the road up till 650 meters, that’s more than a .5km. The big elegant grille has become wider which adds to the presence. The front bumpers have been reshaped too but the most important changes are in the head lamps. The head lights now get triple LED strips and the latest generation intelligent Multibeam headlamps. In a bid to improve visibility, the Multibeam LED enables extremely fast and precise adjustment of the headlamps according to the given traffic situation.

mercedes benz s class headlights

The car’s a facelift so there’s certain changes on the front and the rear, not to the sheet metal of the car. But, in terms of design and the aesthetics there are slight changes. The Mercedes logo on the top just gives an element to the vehicle and that’s the only thing that proves ‘IT’S A MERCEDES’.

mercedes benz logo

On the grill, there are camera’s which opens up when you need it and along you get parking sensors, new bumpers and the elegance of the vehicle is just something immense.

mercedes benz s class taillights

On the rear, the tail-lights look like crystals and it’s just phenomenal how Mercedes manages to make this car understated yet elegant. Moreover, you also get a twin exhaust which are connected with a chrome bar. Coming onto the boot of this car, there’s no feature where you can kick to open the boot. Yet, you have to do it manually or with the key and same with the closing process of the boot. It’s all manual. There isn’t much space on the boot but still it’s enough to fit in luggage for a short trip. Ultimately the design of this car is really really beautiful.

There are plenty of cameras in the vehicle, just beneath the side lamps you get another camera. Taking a look on the fuel-tank, it is something which makes BS-4 fuel comply with the BS-6 emission norms. Isn’t that amazing?

mercedes benz s-class fuel tank

The Mercedes Benz S-Class Interior

Mercedes Benz S-Class Interior
Image: Carwale

Now, you must have open the doors of the car. You won’t need to close them back again tightly because the car automatically does that for you. So the car has 4-zones for the air conditioning and a lot of buttons too. You get 2 cup-holders right in the middle and a 12-volt power socket and just above that you get an ashtray and a cigarette lighter. The front center armrest opens and reveals twin USB ports and an SD-card as well and a wireless charging pad, that’s known as luxury.

Coming to the glove-box. The glove-box is big enough and has a free side mood perfume which is designed by Mercedes-Benz. This system will actually emit the fragrance from around the AC vents and you can choose from around 4 different flavors-

  • Specific Mood
  • Downtown Mood
  • Nightlife Mood
  • Sports Mood

Coming to the doors, the door pockets are large enough to carry 1-liter water bottle and there’s many buttons too.

mercedes benz s-class doors

How should I apply the handbrakes in the 2019 Mercedes Benz S-Class?

how to apply handbrakes in mercedes benz s class

To apply the handbrakes in the car, you get a button that’s just near the steering wheel. So you have to pull it and press the brakes to disengage and keep the brakes pressed and press the button back again to engage.

Features of the 2019 Mercedes Benz S-Class

mercedes benz s class features

So everything in the cabin is well put together and you get an analog clock in the center, 12.3-inch screen. So basically you get 2 12.3-inch screens which have very high level of graphics. With the steering, you can set the cruise control and also you can navigate through menu’s preferences. You choose the design between sport classic, progressive can be switched here with the touch interface and you can go through all the menu’s navigation trip assistance service. The steering on this car gets 3-spoke unit.

The S-class has a 360-degree parking camera and obviously you can go through modes. All the controls in this car are so awesomely managed. So you can control all of these things from climate control, dynamic select, assistant consumption light settings and vehicle owner manual.

Ambient Lighting System

When I was getting my house painted, Asian paints sent me a manual with 40 colors and I could not choose anything for like a week. But, can you guess how many color options you get in this car? this car has 64 color options for the ambient lighting, are you serious Mercedes? 64 colors? it’s definitely going to take 3 years for me to decide which color does suits my choice. The system is sleek to use and you get a touchscreen and a rotary control to browse the available options.

Dynamic Select

With dynamic select, you can see the engine data which tells you exactly how much power are you using at how much torque you’re using at a particular time. You can see a lot of other parameters while driving like the g-force and how much is the angle of steering lock and how the suspension is working and what’s not working. It’s like a massive computer on board which is giving you like so many things. For the assistance, you can turn off the ESP and through this you can decide on camera, park assist, active brake assist, attention assist and active lane keep assist. I think that the computer companies would feel shy too once they operate this system.

It’s just a one piece glass which houses the two 12.3-inch screen systems and that’s just amazing.

Big Panoramic Sunroof and Luxury Seats

Now, there is a big panoramic sunroof both at the front as well as the rear. The seats are extremely well cushioned and you can adjust the boat string to hold you tighter.

Audio System in 2019 Mercedes S-Class

The audio-system in this car is absolutely high-tech. So, it’s a burmester sound system with 13 speakers and fine 90-watt output and it also does have an amplifier.

Emergency Braking System

There is also Brake Assist where the S-Class will apply the brakes automatically in times of emergency thanks to the presence of radar sensors in the vehicle.

What’s in the rear cabin of the 2019 S-Class

Mercedes Benz S-class rear cabin
Image: Carwale

On the rear cabin, you get your own climate-control system and tons of buttons too on the doors where you can select them for cooling/heating your seats, controlling the front seats, memory seats and the special button reclines your seat and moves the front seat ahead. Another thing you get is an ash tray and a mercedes-benz branded headphones which you can just access from the doors. 2 remotes in the back which is for both the right and left passenger and with this remote you can go into the command and control the seats in the front. Stepping inside is an experience by itself. To keep one entertained, the standard package also includes massive 10.2 inch screens mounted on the front seat backrests features include a Blu-ray player and it also gets ports for connecting external devices. The centre armrest also gets wireless charging for Qi supporting devices which means no hassles of carrying cables. In short, the S-Class makes sure you are treated like a royal king and it’s almost like travelling in a luxurious suite.

All you can see and feel is leather, wood and well-polished aluminium. You place yourself on the massive seat which are contoured for support and comfort in all the right places. And if that is not enough, the backrest can be further reclined up to 43.5 degrees. Moreover, after that long day of board meetings you also get a massage function so that you reach home fresh and relaxed. Know more here.

Mercedes Benz S-Class Engine

You get a V6, high-tech steel pistons, 2-stage turbochargers and then some, which all come together to produce a very impressive 286bhp and 600Nm of torque. Press the start button and the car settles into an electric-motor-like thrum. In fact it’s so smooth that you don’t feel like mashing the throttle. The Mercedes-Benz claims a 0-100kmph time of 6 seconds and a top speed of 250kmph which are sportscar figures. Moreover, the 7-speed automatic doesn’t like being hurried with the paddles but use it like a luxury car and the car will hit some eye popping speeds.

2019 Mercedes Benz S-Class Colours

The Mercedes Benz S-Class is available in the following colours-

  • Obsidian Black Metallic
  • Iridium Silver Metallic
  • Magnetite Black Metallic
  • Ruby Black Metallic
  • Selenite Grey Metallic
  • Designo Diamond
  • Designo Mocha Black
  • Designo Allenite Grey
  • Designo Cashmere
  • Polar White Metallic
  • Cavansite Blue Metallic
  • Emerald Green
  • Anthracite Blue

2019 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Price in India

The 2019 Mercedes Benz S-Class Price in India ranges from Rs.1.36Cr-Rs.2.74Cr depending upon the variant.

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