2019 BMW X7 Price in India- Images, Specs and Review

The BMW may have started the craze for the luxury SUV’s such as the 2019 BMW X7. Know more about the 2019 BMW X7 Price in India, Specs and Review.

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BMW X7 2019 Overview

BMW X7 Exterior
Image: BMW

You may think that the X5 is the bigger SUV, but wait until you come up closer and personal with the X7. The X7 is full size bigger than the BMW X5 and is 1.8m tall and 5.1m long and competes with the likes of the Range Rover Sport, Audi Q7, Volvo XC90, etc. The distinctive and unique look in the car with the biggest BMW Kidney Grille gives the car a macho and tough stance. The big Kidney Grille does not spoil the look of the car, but gives the X7 a unique look. From the inside, the car comes with thick-high-quality-leather, high-gloss wood and even crystal glass inserts. Now let’s discuss more.

2019 BMW X7 Exterior

Image: Carwale

From outside, the car looks completely gorgeous. In terms of design, the X7 has been cast in the typical BMW mould with the kidney-grille up front and the twin-barrel LED headlamps and the signature corona rings around it. Moreover, the hood sits high for the big-burly SUV and the lines are evenly square. The three-cab profile makes no bones about its size. The tail will also toe the design cues of BMW. Read more by Carwale.

2019 BMW X7 Interior

From the inside, it does feel that the BMW has gone an extra mile. So, in the interior and in the driver seat of the X7 stands a sheer quality that has been put into the cabin. The material quality is just outstanding. There are also some new features which makes the car pretty interesting. You get massage seats of-course, shiny wood paneling and slightly dull anodyne chrome look in the front cabin. Moreover, you also get a wireless charging pad and 2 cup holders which ensures that you get finest experience when you’re going on for a trip. The massaging seats, separate zone climate control and panoramic sunroof also adds on to a better vehicle experience. The interior is premium and upholstered in leather with power seats in the front and foldable split seats in the back. Moreover, the car also gets the latest i Drive interface that helps set up the car, ambient lighting and other settings with a unique controller.

What’s in the Second Row of the BMW X7 2019

You get the same seats on the Second row and you can find a lot of comfort there too. The leather seats are just exceptional and big and there’s a plenty big leg room for you. The massive door gives you a big window and also a good opportunity for those who wants to get into the third row. The door pads too are massive and you can keep loads of stuff in there. All-in-all you get extremely comfortable back seats with a soft pillow which makes all the difference. Moreover, the passengers in the second row can even push the third row back for maximum space.

What’s in the Third Row of the BMW X7 2019

The X7 scores well even for the third row comfort. However, the seats are bit low, but comfort-wise they’re pretty good. You get a decent amount of headroom and you’re not squatting on the ground. With big side-window panes, you get a good visibility and there’s even a moon-roof which makes it feel more airy.

What’s suppose to be unique in the 2019 X7

What’s unique in this car is a five-zone AC system; two at the front, 2 on the second row and one in the third row. You even get your own USB- C Sockets with which you can even charge larger stuffs such as your laptop and camera. The car’s also have a usable luggage space. Even with all three rows up, there’s a fair amount of luggage space. You also get an electric tailgate where you can sit and of course enjoy your barbecue through the 12-V socket

Bowers and Wilkins 1500-W System in X7 2019

The Bowers and Wilkins 1500-W System is one of the best around. These speakers adds another element to the comfort levels in this car. You can adjust the volume and the bass too isn’t going to disappoint you. With these speakers, you get the finest music experience.

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First Drive Experience with the 2019 BMW X7

2019 BMW X7 on roads
Image: BMW

This car gets air suspension at all four corners and adjustable dampers and it is in comfort. When you get to bigger bumps, it’s quite fabulous as the car rides over them beautifully and stays flat.

What gives the X7 an edge once you step up from low speed is that it uses liquid-filled rubber bushings that help it glide over most bumps. Moreover, you also get anti-roll bars that decouples when the car’s being driven in a straight line; making the suspension even more pliant.

Now, what adds to the comfort levels is that the X7 is isolated from the rest of the world. The X7 is very refined and quiet vehicle which makes it a luxury SUV car. Your windscreen is acoustically damped and there are double gazed windows all around and there’s a lot of damping inside the chassis in the shell of the car; so even when you ride over some cost surfaces, you don’t get too much of road noise.

BMW X7 Engine

With a 3.0-litre inline-six diesel engine and m50d state of tune; the car produces 400bhp/760Nm. There’s an eight-speed auto and xDrive AWD system mated to this engine. A petrol variant may also be on the cards later on and there can come the 300bhp 3.0-litre straight-six and the 444bhp 4.4-litre V8, as well.

2019 BMW X7 Price in India

The 2019 BMW X7 Price ranges from Rs.80L-Rs.1.02Cr in India depending upon the variants. For this price, you’re definitely getting something which provides you with an ultimate luxury experience and that too in a SUV vehicle. What do you say? Comment below!

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