2019 BMW X1 Price in India, Images, Features, Comparison and Review

The BMW X1 is currently the most affordable compact SUV that you can buy from the BMW Motors. Is this car better than the Mercedes GLA and Audi Q3? Know more about BMW X1 Price in India.

The BMW X1 is currently the most affordable compact SUV that you can buy from the BMW Motors. Is this car better than the Mercedes GLA and Audi Q3? Know more about BMW X1 Price in India.

The X1 might be the cheapest SUV in the BMW range but BMW hasn’t compromised when it comes to overall quality.

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  • BMW X1 Interior
  • BMW’s iDrive System
  • What’s on the back seat of the BMW X1
  • What’s up with the big boot of the X1
  • BMW X1 Exterior
  • First Drive Review of the BMW X1
  • The BMW X1 Colors
  • BMW X1 Price in India

BMW X1 Interior

Everything on the top of dashboard, switch-gear and even the lower-end of the dashboard has very good quality as well as a good fit. The finish in the car is made up of leather and the center console does add to a sense of luxury inside the car. Moreover, whoever sits in the front will brush-up against the leather instead of brushing up against plastic. So that also adds to a sense of upmarket feel to the cabin.

bmw x1 interior

What you’ll completely enjoy are the seats because there are very good cushioning and if you are someone who’s tall and have tall legs, then you can make the depth of the seats wider and more longer because you can take out the base over here and that also adds to the sense of comfort. The seat’s cushioning is really spot-on and what’s also very good about this car is very practical. Moreover, the big box right in the cabin can carry many equipment. The door bins are also big enough to carry water from home.

BMW’s iDrive System

The special mention has to made about the BMW’s iDrive system as well as the wheel. It is by far the easiest system to use and compared to its rivals- the mercedes GLA and the Audi Q3, this one is more intuitive, brighter and the menus are also laid out in a very intuitive manner, so it is easy to operate while you are driving. As I said, it is a really great system overall. The only thing missing is the touch screen

What’s on the back seat of the BMW’s X1

On the back, the seats get your own bottle-holders and that’s a good thing because most of the people who are buying this car will sit over here. Moreover, when you’re on the highway, you won’t need to disturb your driver to handle you a water bottle. So these seats are excellent for someone who prefers to be chauffeured driven in the seats themselves. Overall, these seats are more than adequate and the cabin feels nice and airy. Even though there is a hump in the floor-panel, whoever sitting here has plenty of place to raise a seat. Also, you get your own AC vents as well as a 12-volt charging point.

What’s up with the big boot of X1

On the outside, you get a nice and well shaped boot. This boot can actually hold a lot of stuff and also it can hold more than 500-liters of space. But the best part of the car is that you can quickly load in this boot, shut the door and sit in the car.

Bmw x1 boot

BMW X1 Exterior

With a heavy dose of styling, this is for the first time that the X1 is offered as an FWD car with a new platform. Moreover, the X1 not just looks big but is larger and taller while carrying forward the X family’s legacy. BMW has also increased the width by 21mm and height by 53mm while the length has reduced by 36mm. The front fascia sports a protruding front grille with its traditional kidney shape and circular headlamps with LED DRLs. The sporty look is retained with the plastic cladding, a roof-mounted spoiler, sloping roofline, wrap-around tail lamps and dual exhaust pipes. The new X1 is lighter than the earlier model by 135kg thanks to the extensive use of aluminium in its construction.

First Drive Review of the 2019 BMW X1

The engine and gearbox of the X1

The BMW X1 comes up with only one engine option that’s a 2-liter diesel engine and this car makes about 190 bhp of power as well as over 400Nm of torque. The car uses an 8-speed automatic gearbox which is probably the best automatic gearbox in this segment. This powerplant promises a 17 per cent reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The transmission is an eight-speed Steptronic automatic gearbox and also gets the X-drive all-wheel-drive option. This car feels good to drive and it feels as disciplined as your high school principal does and it feels just as stern as the warning from your high-school principal. In terms of handling as well as steering field, it is as direct as it can get. When you use the steering wheel and put an input centrally in the smallest of inputs that you give this thing are followed by the tires on the outside. So, the steering is absolutely great. This X1 also has a dynamic and a very agile chassis, so it really does enjoy changing lanes very very quickly and really does feel that you are driving in a sporty saloon.

bmw x1 gearbox

Moreover, this car doesn’t feel like a compact SUV but it feels more like a sporty hatchback or a sporty saloon. The engine does tone down quite a bit and of course when you’re cruising on the highway and are using the heat-care, the engine is spinning at a very low 679rpm which means that the cabin is really nicely isolated from whatever was happening outside. It’s nice and quiet cabin to be in but you feel a little bit of tire noise and some wind noise which comes in after you exceed speeds in excess of 120kph. But for regular highway speeds of about 80-90kph, this car is really quiet and well isolated and well damped.

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So, usually people won’t change the settings on this car and they’ll mostly use the comfort setting over here. But, of course if you’re really someone who does enjoy pushing his car into corners and enjoy being on the edge of his car’s overall dynamics, then you can always choose the the sport mode. On sport mode, this car becomes becomes very tense and tight just like the rocks muscles and this car becomes a lot more fun and engaging to drive. The gearbox tends to become a lot more sportier and it does feel like you’re driving a car which is working out very hard. In comfort mode it’s pretty ok, but in sports mode it is in different league altogether.

Well, the BMW has given the suspension of the X1 a slightly stiff edge, so even if you’re driving this car in its comfort settings and this car does have a little bit of stiffness in the suspension. This car goes 0-100 in 7.6 seconds. What you also enjoy about the X1 is it’s phenomenal mid-range. Yes, this car has a very good torque in the middle of its rev-band which is quite typical of most of these legends and if you keep this engine between 1,800-1,900rpm and till 4,000rpm, this car’s engine has waves of torque and if you just smash that extra pedal down, you will be bolted in a seat like this and it’s a great trick to play with your kids.

The BMW X1 Colors

The BMW X1 is available to you in the following colors-

  • Alpine White
  • Black Sapphire
  • Mineral white
  • Sparkling brown
  • Mediterranian Blue
  • Estoril Blue

BMW X1 Price in India 2019

The BMW X1 in India ranges from Rs.35.19L to 45.39L depending upon the variants.


The BMW X1 is really the best car in it’s segment. It does give you a sport as well as comfort feel. The car is expected to come up with many new features which we’ll keep discussing with you. Read more here.

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