2019 BMW 7-Series Facelift Official Review

The 2019 BMW 7-Series Facelift is something that inspires everyone. Know more about the 2019 BMW 7 series price in India, specs, features and review.

The 2019 BMW 7-Series Facelift is something that inspires everyone. Know more about the 2019 BMW 7 series price in India, specs, features and review.

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  • 2019 BMW 7-Series Price in India
  • 2019 BMW 7-Series Launch Date in India

2019 BMW 7-Series Overview

The new BMW 7 series has a bigger grille
New BMW 7 Series has a bigger grille

The BMW of today’s world is something that truly inspires. And after the launch of new BMW 7-series in India, we’ve got to see many new features. The car competes against the likes of the 2019 Mercedes Benz S-Class, Audi A8, etc. Moreover this car has changed a lot, you get to see new headlights, massive grille and totally new look. Same has been done with the X7. The distinctive and unique look in the car with the biggest BMW Kidney Grille gives the car a macho and tough stance. The big Kidney Grille does not spoil the look of the car, but gives the 7-Series a unique look. From the inside, the car comes with thick-high-quality-leather, high-gloss wood and even crystal glass inserts. This is still the 6th generation car but with a lot that has changed on it. Now let’s discuss more. The most massive update is that you also get the latest 7th generation iDrive – which is the most updated, most current, most connected, most intuitive, and also the most accessible iDrive interface and is also present in the new X7 too.

BMW 7-Series Specs

Interior of the new 7 series

New BMW 7 series 2019 interior
2019 BMW 7 Series Interior

From the inside, the BMW 7-Series also now gets wireless phone charging but like most cars it is up front. Also you get to see a new layout, but it hasn’t changed much. Given the 7 Series’ clientele, in India BMW may want to consider having this option in the back seat too. Moreover, the rear does get updated individual entertainment touchscreens that are way cooler than before. Depending upon the configuration you can also get individual seats at the rear and not a bench, complete with reclining and even you get massage functionality. Also you get automated sun shades on the rear windows, and a giant panoramic sunroof with the embedded LED ambient light signature. And then of course there’s also the virtual assistant – where you can simply say Hi BMW and take it from there.

Exterior of the new 7 series

The New 7 Series has a bigger car grille. It is insane. Yes! It is also the biggest grille ever on any BMW model, the one of the X7 is taller, but this is wider and overall larger on its surface area. The only change that anyone can spot is its large grill. The window glass is 5.1 mm thicker than before and there is extra insulation inside the rear wheel arches, for a nice cabin. The car looks quite amazing from the back too. The full stretch LED light strip stays on with the front daytime running lights. The new tail lights have an attractive design and an amazing look too. There are updated laser lights with a slimmer housing and the hood has been completely redesigned to give the car a more upright, taller, straighter and a vertical look. The fenders and bumpers also show off a more upright standing kind of proportion. The BMW logo has been increased in size in keeping with all the changes, So it’s now about 12 mm larger in diameter – and it is the largest BMW logo ever on any production model. Read here more by NDTV.

Variants of the new BMW 7 series

BMW 7 Series Launched in India
Image: Carwale

The powerful diesel engine BMW is the 750d with 400 HP, and then comes the 320 horsepower 740d model. While the 730d uses the same in-line six engine as those two, it is tuned over to 260 bhp and has 620 Nm of torque. Across the range, you get the same 8-speed Steptronic gearbox. And while India is getting the 730 Ld you won’t get the V8 petrol. Instead we’ll be having the 740 Li variant, and a plug-in hybrid variant too, all of which will be long wheelbase and assembled at BMW’s plant which is in Chennai. In addition to them there will also be a range topping imported variant – the M760Li xDrive is a 4wd monster V12 engine vehicle which has 573 bhp and 850 Nm of peak torque.

2019 BMW 7-Series Facelift Price in India

The new BMW 7-Series can cost you between Rs.1.45Cr-Rs.2.86Cr in India depending upon the variants.

2019 BMW 7-Series Launch Date in India

The new 7 series had been launched on 25th of July in India.

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